Prolonging The Inevitable

  • by aled
  • posted Oct 27, 2008

Festive? Iunno. Just an idea. Let me know.

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Festive? Iunno. Just an idea. Let me know.


awwwww poor snowman. the fallen carrot is a nice touch. not sure the design really needs much more as it could complicate its simplicity.


Cute idea! What color shirt would this be on? I wish the 'do not disturb' sign was a bit more legible. Keep the sketchy style for sure... but maybe just a little more spacing. Also... maybe the inside of the fridge should be a little darker.

Any thoughts on mine would be appreciated.


I think that a charcoal shirt would be awesome for this.


The sign needs to be a little more clear but I think its great as it is. I don't think it needs anything else. Except a tee color.


What they all said.
I like it.

Dru Babe

I like it, and would wear it, but it looks a little unfinished. Make the sign easier to read. Also, like punkybruiser said, darker in the fridge would be a nice touch.


It's great. I think anything extra, like a puddle would be cliched. It's been a few months you should submit it.

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