Hey folks! I'm gonna participate in Martiandrivein's fabled 365 slogan idea, so here's where I'll park my slogan lot, hoping I won't get ticketed or just towed when the slogan sucks multiple amounts of ball sacks at once.

Most people will think a slogan a day would be a slow-down for me, but I usually think them up in large clumps, so this contest shall push me to really keep the brain churning in slogan country every day. Here's my first attempt and vote on these pathetic attempts at hilarious wordplay here!

Started On October 24th, 2008...

-Baby Oil Better Not Be Made Out Of What I Think It Is.
-Trust Me, DO NOT Take Medicine Balls Internally.

-I'm As Deep As A Kiddie Pool.
-EVERYONE COME OVER AND READ MY SHIRT! (small) i hate crowds.

-Insanity Is 1% Inspiration and 99% Flying Unicorns.
-By A Show Of Hands, Who Is Entertained By Sock Puppets?

-When The Wheels On The Bus Go Round and Round, The Brakes Are Out.
-(grammar junkies and astronomers love looking at solar ellipses)

-I Counted To Infinity And Reached The End.
-I'm Not A Stalker, I'm a Sleuth.
-Using Your Words Is No Way To Treat A Language.
-Let's Go Talk About Deforestation In My New Log Mansion.

-I'm Living Vicariously Through My Inner Child.
-When My Ears Start Bleeding, That Means You Must Stop Talking.
-I'm A Fan Of Team Work, But I'd Rather Be On Team Relaxation.
-I'm Scared Of The Light Which Is Why I Stay Up All Night.

-A Leap Of Faith Is Easier To Land If You Plan It All Out First.
-Traveling Hobos: The Ultimate Train Enthusiasts.
-Trust Me, Don't Wear Porcupines As Shoes When Running A Marathon.
-FEEL THE BURN. Then Run Some More Because Your Gym Is On Fire.

-Dating Water Vapor Is Boring Because It Lacks Substance.

-The Moon Is The Butt Of Too Many Tasteless Jokes.
-When I Stop Racism, What Should I Say To It?
-Candlestick Jumping: The Fairy Tale Extreme Sport Of Choice.
-In Space, No One Can Hear You Saying Lame Cliches.

-In Space, No One Can Hear You Screaming Lame Cliches.
-If You're Reading This In Your Head, Quit Talking To Yourself.
-My Organs Tell The Best Inside Jokes.
-Back In My Day We Only Had T-Shirts With Words On Them.

-Science: Where Fact Babies Come From.
-I Teach My Grapes To Respect Their Raisin Elders.
-Fruit Flies Taste Surprisingly Awful.
-Deserts Wouldn't Be As Bad If They Had Sand Bars.

-A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Of These Things.
-Reading Is Good For You. I Just Made Your Eyes Healthier.
-I'd Say I'm A Person Of Few Words, But.
-I Love Descriptions. They're Really, Um, Neato.

-I Have A Great Sense Of Direction But I Don't Know Where I Put It.
-This Shirt Has Something Written On The Back. (back) Something

-Science: Remember All Those Facts From Yesterday? Forget All That.
-Gravity Might Make You Fall, But It Also Makes Roller Coasters.
-Before Gravity Was Invented, It Was Very Hard Finding Your House.
-The Alphabet Song Gets Me From Point A To Point B In Record Time.

-I Sometimes Hang Out In Graveyards To Look Younger.
-I'm Having Surgery To Extract A Song That Got Stuck In My Head.
-Mermaids: The Best Cleaners To Hire For A Dirty Ocean Floor.
-Dear Gravity, Thanks For The Water Slides And Roller Coasters!

-The Lottery Seems So Easy To Win From Other Countries Online.
-Some Say I Have A Gift For Accepting Presents.

-Bears In Fairy Tales Live In Nicer Houses Than I Do.
-Trains Are Easy To Hunt Down, They Leave Very Distinct Tracks.
-I Developed A Fear Of Flying After Being Stung By A Bee.
-Tuffets: Awkwardly Rhyming With 'Muffit' Since 1805.

-Do You Want To Be An Individual? Hey, Join The Club.
-STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY. Be More Peaceful With Your Horse Play.
-My Shirt Tells Me You've Been Giving It Some Weird Stares.
-I Developed A Fear Of Flying Moments After I Jumped Off A Cliff.

-The Swordfish Is Mightier And Tastier Than The Sword.
-I've Had Trouble Remembering What Year It Since 1782.
-Be The First One To Yawn To Be A Leader, Not A Follower.
-I Always Get Sayings Wrong, But That's The Way The Banana Crumbles.

-Dear Gravity, Thanks For Making Roller Coasters Awesome!
-When You Have A Song Stuck In Your Head, You May Require Surgery.
-I Think Cotton Candy Is Grown In A Giant Circus Tent.
-Flying Sounds Fun Unless You Have To Be A Fly To Do It.

-Reduce Reused And Recycled Ideas.
-The Fruits Of Labor Taste Sweaty.
-Unicorns Poop Rainbows.
-Simon Says Yawn After Someone Else Yawns.

-I Have Some Food For Thought. Whoever Makes Me Think Gets It.
-Some Pirates Call It A Plank, I Call It A Diving Board.

-Sorry My Shirt Is Staring At Your Eyes, How Very Rude Of It.
-I Wanted To Be A Cotton Candy Farmer When I Grew Up.
-Hate Is a Strong Word, That's Why I Use It To Lift Heavy Things.

-Outer Space Features A Star-Studded Cast Of Characters.

-In Videogames, Don't Forget To Stop And Smell The Fire Flowers.
-Don't Tell Humpty Dumpty Any Jokes Or He'll Crack Up.
-I Taught All The Chairs In My House To Sit.
-If Silence Is Golden, Is Awkward Silence Fool's Gold?

-Simon Says Yawn.
-If I Like Being Around People, Does That Make Me A Socialist?
-Life Is What You Make Of It. I Choose To Make Believe.
-I Have A Pet Peeve, But It Doesn't Bother Me As Much If I Walk It.

-Time Flies When It Wears A Superhero Costume.
-The Only Thing Better Than A Treat Is a Retreat.
-(in tiny writing) bigger is better.
-Watch Your P's and Q's or Else They Might _uickly Esca_e.

-The Definition Of 'Gullible' Is On The Back Of This Tee.
-I Tried Following Murphy's Law, But Something Went Wrong.

-Addition Signs Are Really Two Lines Gettin' It On.
-If You Can Read This, You're Not Watching My Back.
-I'm Not Saying I'm The Coolest Person Alive, My Shirt Is.
-Ninjas Are Holding This Shirt Up In Front Of Me Right Now.

-Selling Real Estate Is Easier Than Selling Imaginary Estate.
-I Can't Find The State Of The Arts On A Map.
-Riding Tumbleweeds Is The Greenest Form Of Transportation.

-Conspiracy Theorists Claim That 9 8 7.
-Life Is Short. Don't Make Fun Of Its Height Or Yours Will Get Shorter.
-I Blame Scapegoats For People's Lack Of Taking Responsibility.

-Some Sayings Lie. You'll Never Win A Fencing Duel With A Pen.

-Actions Speak Louder Than Words Only To Insane People.
-I Saw A Sign Of The Apocalypse, But It Only Told Me To Merge.
-Cacti Get No Love From Treehuggers.
-Stop Running From Your Troubles And Kick 'Em The Face.

-I Am Not Immature, But Your Mother Is.
-Cooties: The Only Made-Up Virus Less Deadly Than The Real Ones.

-War: Winning The War Against Peace Since The Dawn Of Man.
-Don't Eat Yellow Snow. Unless You Find Some In The Desert.
-If Rain Weighed More, All Of Our Heads Would Be Caved In.
-Comparing Apples And Oranges Really Isn't That Hard.

-I Don't Like To Poke Fun. It Usually Gets Really Angry.
-Museums Have No Skeletons In Their Closet, They're All On Display.
-I Haven't Used A Secret Code Since The Crow Flew At Midnight.
-If You Can Read This, You Just Read My Shirt.

-Make Fun, Not War.
-If You're Not Feeling Yourself Today, Get Their Permission First.

-Inside Jokes Are So Lame. Fruit Salad.
-In Real Life, Cougars Will Hunt You No Matter What Age You Are.
-What Do Skeletons Hide In Their Closets?

-End Water Violence By Keeping Swimming Pools Free Of Cannonballs.

-I Perform All My High-Speed Chases In Super Slo-Mo.
-A Vampire's Least Favorite Food Is Stake.
-The Equal Sign Always Sums It Up Best.
-I Once Told A Risky Joke And Broke My Funny Bone In Three Places.

-Most Astronauts Cannot Do The Moonwalk.
-I Had A Shaman Cure Me Of All My Superstitions.
-The Monkey On My Back Ate The Chip On My Shoulder.
-Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones But Bullets Puncture Organs.

-The True Meaning Of Life Is To Ponder The True Meaning Of Life.
-If Cotton Candy and Candy Corn Counts, I Eat My Vegetables.
-When Exclamation Points Get Depressed, They Turn Into Periods.
-Most People In This World Need A Funny Bone Transplant.

-Why Would I Buy A Shirt Without Something To Say On It?
-Indiana Jones Gave Me Whip Lash.

-Arrows On One Way Signs Aren't The Boss Of Me.
-Make War Simulation Video Games, Not War.
-Monday Is My Friend. Everyone Else Talks So Badly About It.
-I'm Your Worst Nightmare, Minus The Zombie Dragons.

-Looking On The Bright Side For Too Long May Cause Blindness.
-I Often Go To Jail For Stealing The Show.
-Saturday: The Most Popular Kid In Calender School.
-Stop Violence In Sports By Hugging A Baseball Not Hitting It.

-I Broke The Law Of Gravity And Was Arrested By The Sky Police.
-Facts Are Just Theories That Haven't Been Proven Wrong Yet.
-You're Not My Worst Nightmare, That Would Be Candy Not Existing.
-Mullets Are Like A Failure Uniform For Your Head.

-Who Needs Drugs When You Can Stand Up Real Fast?

-Socialism Has No Class.
-This Isn't A Shirt, It's A Wizard Cloak.
-My Superhero Disguise Is So Good You'll Think I'm A Normal Person.
-I May Or May Not Be An Indecisive Person.

-INSANITY: Now Comes In Ten Different Flavors You Can Talk To!
-If A Loud Speaker Feeds You, Do You Feedback?
-Raise Your Tentacles If You Like Mutants!
-Word Of Mouth Travels Faster Than Words From Any Other Body Part.

-Join The Compliment Army And Kill Em' All With Kindness!
-I'm Going To Procrastinate Right After This Nap.

-I Don't Get Carried Away, I'm Usually Thrown Out.
-The Speed Of Light Travels Faster Than The Speed Of Fat.

-When It Comes To Making Up Words, I'm The Surpliest!

-I'm Saving The World In My Head Right Now.
-Wearing A Monocle Only Makes One Of Your Eyes Classier.

-You Can't Run Away From Problems, Unless The Problem Is Laziness.

-The Reference On This Shirt Is Too Obscure For You To Understand.
-Balloons Like To Get High On Nitrous Oxide.

-I'm Very Fond Of (Fresh) Air. It Helps Me Breathe. ('fresh' in uv)
-You Can't Run Away From Your Problems. Use a Scooter Instead.
-I'm Betterist At Making Up Words Than You.

-Whatever Floats My Boat Is Usually Water.
-The Tooth Fairy Just Has A Mouth Fetish.
-Dear Quadruple Spacing, Thanks For Making 20 Page Papers Possible.
-I Thought The Future Would Have More Beep Boop Sounds.

-This Isn't For You To Read, My Shirt Just Likes Talking To Itself.
-I Only Try To Get Brownie Points Because I Really Love Chocolate.

-Extra Credit Points Are The Equivalent Of Nerd Catnip.
-Stop Dipping Your Toe In The Pool Of Life And Dive Right In!
-The Revolutionary Chicken Flew The Coup.

-The Wave Of The Future Can Only Be Done With A Robotic Hand.
-Zombies Agree: Eat More Fish, It's Brain Food!
-I'm So Weird And Hyperactive Doctors Diagnosed Me With O.D.D.
-I Scuba Dive For Sunken Treasure In Wishing Wells.

-My Call Of The Wild Has Been Disconnected.
-If You Don't Think I'm A Rational Person, I'll Cry For Hours.
-I Buy People Rounds Of Applause At Bars.
-Smart Cookies Scream A Little More When You Eat Them.

-I'm A Big Fan Of Cool Oscillating Air.

-I'm Not Made Of Money, But My Organs Would Fetch A Decent Price.
-Scientists Always Feel The Need To Prove A Point.
-I'm Really Hard On People Who Use Crass Innuendo.
-If You Believe In Following Orders, Raise Your Right Hand!

-I Run An Existential Crisis Hotline For Philosophy Students.
-If You Boogie All Night, You Might Want To See A Nose Doctor.
-Why Can't I Go One Minute Without Asking A Question?
-Safes Are For Boring People, I Keep All My Money In A Dangerous.

-Playing Hop Scotch As A Child Leads To A Life Of Drinking!
-I'd Read More Books If I Could Just Watch Them.
-I Can Read Lips, But Nobody Has a Tattoo of a Novel.
-Art Museums Are Worth A Million Words.

-Electrochemical Impulses Really Get On My Nerves.
-I Bet You Can't Read My Lips And This Shirt At The Same Time.
-Planets Get Clean By Taking Meteor Showers.
-You Don't Need A Cape To Save The Planet, Just Recycle.

-Zebras Are The Black and White Candy Canes Of Nature.
-I Eat Candy Corn To Fulfill My Daily Vegetable Requirements.
-The Definition Of Dictionary Just Says 'Haha. Very Funny.'
-I Nearly Drowned Myself During My Last Brainstorm.

-This Shirt Will Become Retro Any Day Now.
-Hitting The Gym Only Exercises Your Knuckles.
-There's A Fine Line Between Writing On Lined Or Blank Paper.

-If You're Telepathic, It's Always The Thought That Counts.
-My Train Of Thought Was Robbed By Cowboys On Horseback.
-Voted Most Likely To Have On An Ironically Self-Aware T-Shirt.

-Hippie Galaxies Are Way Far-Out.
-People Who Overgeneralize Are All Idiots.
-Sci-Fi Fans Go Through Many Phasers Of Life.

-Television Likes It When You Watch.

-Save The Rainbows! Ban Leprechaun Poaching.
-The Circle Of Life Is No Match For The Trapezoid Of Death.
-When Brainstorming Remember To Wear Your Raincoat And Galoshes.
-Voted Most Likely To Succeed At Failure

-My Train Of Thought Was Derailed & Eaten By Zombies.
-Pitchforks: Equally Good At Baling Hay Or Poking Evildoers.
-My T-Shirt Doesn't Like Being Watched.
-Don't Make Any Waves In Life. Strive For Tsunamis.

-It's Not The Thought That Counts, It's Actually Your Brain.
-I Have Eyes In The Back Of My Head, But Fake Ones On The Front.
-How Come Stores Sell Heads Of Lettuce But Not The Body?
-I Know Things About Stuff.

-Leprechauns Love Listening To Shamrock.
-Boxers Tell The Best Punchlines.

-The Lame Cliche Is Dead. Long Live The Lame Cliche!
-When I Want A Change Of Pace, I Start Running.

-My Reality Check Recently Bounced.

-Safes Are Boring, I Keep My Money In A Dangerous.
-Don't Make Waves In Life. Strive For Tsunamis.
-If You're Telepathic, It's The Thought That Counts.

-The Television Color Bars Are Really Prison For Bad Rainbows.
-Shark Week Can Bite Me.
-Food For Thought Is Good, But Water Might Help Too.

-Paper Dies A Little Every Time You R.I.P. It.
-Disobedient Planes Get Grounded.

-I'm Thinking About A Sex Change. I'd Like to Have More Of It.
-Exclamation Points Are Periods With ADD.

-I've Recently Been Voted #1 In Making Up Accomplishments.

-10 Times Out Of 9 What I Say Makes No Sense.
-Nouns Only Want You For One Thing, Person or Place.

-The Invention Of Electricity Has Saved The Lives Of Many Candles.

-Ghosts Like Haunting, But They Love To Write Books More.
-Never Lose Your Inner Unicorn.

-Designers Garden By Cropping Their Photos.
-I Want To Start A Revolution, But I Think It's Against The Rules.
-Playing Cards Are Well Suited For Their Profession.

-When I Grow Up, I Want To Be Closer To The Sun.
-I Practice My Atheist Beliefs Very Religiously.
-Failed Authors Will Make Great Ghost Writers When They Die.

-Preschool Protozoa Play With Cell Blocks.
-I'm A Little Bit Awkweird.
-I See The Glass As Half-About-To-Be-Drank.

-I'd Get Help For My Laziness, But I Don't Feel Like Doing It.
-I Love To Exercise, If People-Watching Is Considered Exercise.
-Coin Collecting Is Only Cool When Video Game Characters Do It.

-Bartender, The Philosophy Major's Glass Is Half Empty, Fill It Up!
-Stop Noise Pollution By Putting Silencers On All Your Guns.
-Anyone Can Be A Fast Runner Depending On What's Chasing Them.

-I Brake For Oncoming Accidents.
-Books: They're Just Like This Only Longer.
-Light Bulbs: Angering The Sun Gods Since 1878.

-Peace & Love Is The Best Answer. Except On Math Tests.
-I Have A Great Home Theater Setup, Now I Just Need Some Actors.
-It Was A Dark And Stormy Night. Story Continued On Next Shirt.
-I Exercise By Having An Active Imagination.

-Cheaters Are Only Cheating Themselves. To Higher Grades.
-My Favorite Kind Of Music Is Old-School Video Game.
-I Might Not Make Much Sense, But At Least I'm Not Made Of Wax Candy.
-Gravity Is Just A Plot To Keep Us Buying Airplane Tickets.

-Time Travelers Live A Life Well Beyond Their Years.
-Using Your Mind Is A Strange Way To Exploit Yourself.
-Step One For How To Draw A Blank:
-What Did The One Rhetorical Question Say To The Other?

-People Say I'm In Denial, But I Don't Agree With Them At All.

-Knights Who Had Causal Day Without Suits Aren't Around Anymore.
-Inspiration Struck Me Last Night. Or Was That Lightning?
-Child Temper Tantrums Were The Original Stress Release Therapy.

-Fire Must Be Really Dirty Since It Never Takes A Shower.
-If You Can Read This, I Bought A Shirt With A Cliche On It.
-Kernels Of Corn Explode With Joy When They Hear POP Music.
-I Remember Back In The Day When It Was Morning.

-An Artichoke Warns You Right In Its Name Not To Eat It.
-Does Nature Look At Science And Go 'I Shoulda Thought Of That!'

-A Rose By Any Other Name Is A Different Flower.
-Baking Soda Only Comes In One Flavor: Disgusting.

-Will _ For _.
-I Have The Keys To Happiness, But Someone Changed The Locks.
-If You Can Read This, I Bought A Cliched Shirt.

-It's A Dog-Eat-Dog World Once Animals Become Zombies.
-I Sleepwalk During The Day And While I'm Awake.
-On The Other Hand, You Have More Fingers.
-Studies Have Proven That I Don't Like Reading Them.

-Let Sleeping Dogs Lie. They Tell The Truth In The Morning.
-I Really Wish You Hadn't Read This.
-Words Reversing Love I.

-Do What I Say Or Else I'm Gonna Issue More Idle Threats.
-Let's All Pretend My Shirt Says The Funniest Thing Ever.
-It's A Lot Harder To Disappear Into Fat Air.
-Speed Bumps Are Not Nearly As Fun As they Sound.

-The Only Doctor That Skeletons Need To See Are Bone Specialists.
-My Mind Was Blown Away During A Freak Brainstorming Accident.
-On The Inside, We're All Made Of The Same Icky Stuff.

-What You Don't Know Can't Hurt You. Just Everybody Else.

-Woodchucks Aren't Real, They Were Only Invented For Word Riddles.
-I Tip My Invisible Top Hat In Your Direction
-I'm Allergic To Things That Make Me Die.

-Nothing Motivates People Like Fear, So... BOO!!!
-Hot Dogs Are Really Good At Having Frank Discussions.

-Once You Have Amnesia, Everything Old Is New Again!
-Glue: It Brings People Together. And Never Lets Them Go.

-Ventriloquist Dummies Should Learn How To Speak For Themselves.
-I've Had Amnesia Ever Since I Was A Kid. Or Two Minutes Ago.

-Speaking In Third Person Is Like A Verbal Out-Of-Body Experience.
-If You'd Seen The Internet Meme, This Shirt Would Be Funnier.
-Puppets Should Learn How To Speak For Themselves.

-Love Triangles Are The Sexiest Of All Geometric Shapes.
-When Elephants Go On Trips They Pack Everything In Their Trunk.

-I Breathe A Sigh of Relief Whenever Oxygen Is Around.
-Water Is A Master Of Liquid, Solid And Vapor Disguises.

-I Don’t Like Wasting People’s Time, But My T-Shirt Does.
-By Reading This Shirt You Are Now Legally Required To Laugh.

-Soft Rock Is Only Better Than Hard Rock If They’re Thrown At You.
-A Librarian Once Gave Me A Speed Reading Ticket.

-Let’s Hear It For Clapping!
-Witches and Wizards Have Real Hex Appeal.

-Rhetorical Questions: Is There Anything They Can’t Do?
-By The End Of His Life, Humpty Dumpty Had Become A Crackhead.

-Brains Can Be So Thoughtless.
-Daytime Is Brought To You By A Generous Donation From The Sun.

-Your Knuckles Agree, Say No To Crack.
-Stop Signs Before They Try To Stop You!
-I Didn’t Read Your Mind, I Just Skimmed The Best Parts.
-I Wish Construction Cones Tasted Like Ice Cream.

-I’m Thinking Of Signing Up For The Space Cadet Academy.
-I’m Not Shrugging, I’m Hugging You With Indifference.
-Entertain Yourself, Dammit!

-I Love Life More Than Life Itself.
-Break The Rules So Hard They Can't Be Glued Back Together.
-Launching Snot Rockets Doesn't Make You Part Of The Space Program

-I Don't Believe In Fairy Tales, I Just Like Kissing Frogs.
-The Wind Can Blow Me.
-I Don't Make The Rules, I Just Break 'Em.

-Fantasy Sports Could Use More Wizards And Orcs.
-Following Others Leads To Nothing.
-Never Wish Upon A Ninja Star.

-Infinity: The Gift That Keeps On Giving.
-I Took Acting Classes For Many Years So I Could Perform Surgery.
-This Shirt Is Proof That Reading Doesn't Always Make You Smarter.

-My Hobbies Include Having People Look At My Shirt.
-I'm Sorry To Tell You But I Never Apologize.
-'I Have The Best Quote Ever On My T-Shirt.' -Me
-Water Is Nature's Transformer!

-Middle Fingers Aren't Bad, It's Just Their Position In Life.
-Pipe Cleaners Should Just Be Renamed 'Kindergarten Art Sculptures.'
-Electrical Transformers Aren't As Fun To Play With As They Sound.

-Middle Fingers Aren't Bad, That's Just Their Position In Life.
-Violins: Fine For Classical Music, Even Better In A Hoedown!
-My Pet Hot Dog Is Really Good At Rolling Over.

-Being In The Lap Of Luxury Is Actually Kind Of Creepy.

-Evil Skeletons Are Bad To The Bone!
-Yup. It's a T-Shirt.

-A Picture Is Worth More But Not As Cool As This Shirt.
-Jesus Is The World's Most Popular Zombie!
-Cookies Cutters Think Humans Are All The Same Too.

-I Don't Like Sports But I Do Enjoy Drinking And High Fives.
-Fireworks Believe In Going Out With A Bang.
-Never Saying Sorry Means Never Having To Say You're Sorry.

-Your Brain Doesn't Care What You Think About It.
-Old Photographs Are Like Instant Time Travel Machines.
-I Wonder If Zombies Think Brains Taste Like Chicken.

-I Got Mugged When Strolling Down Memory Lane.
-Drinking Scotch Tape Will Not Get You Drunk.
-If We're Gonna Have A Standoff, I'd Prefer To Do It Sitting Down.

-Remember, Only You Can Prevent Thinking Too Far In Advance.
-The Universe Gives Astronauts A Gold Star For Effort!
-The Circle Of Life Isn't As Fun If You're A Square.

-Ghost Writing Is A Great Career Option For The Afterlife.
-Start Off Your Day In Altered Reality With A Bowl Of Surreal.
-I Got Mugged By A Childhood Bully While Strolling Down Memory Ln.

-Walking A Mile In Someone Else's Shoes Is Unsanitary.
-I Could Never Be a Server Because I Don't Take Orders Well.
-It Literally Blows My Mind When People Misuse Their Words.

-I Don't Use My Words. I Just Get Them To Say what I Want.
-I Can Never Get My Anarchy Club Meetings To Come To Order.
-If You Don't Have Something Nice To Say, Say It With A Smile.

-I'm Not Clumsy, I Just Do Spontaneous Dance Moves.

-The Internet Ruined My Advantage Of Knowing Lots Of Useless Info.

-Outer Space Thinks That Gravity Is A Myth.
-I Never Found Buttons That Cute To Begin With.
-(on back) You're Thinking About Me Behind My Back, Aren't You?

-I Travel By Clown Car To Cut Down On Pollution.
-Equine Never Follow The 'No Horseplay' Signs.
-Speed Limits Are Such Liars. My Car Goes Way Faster Than That.

-Don't Walk Signs Say Nothing About Rolling Across The Street.
-I Tip Waiters And Cows Equal Amounts.

-(out-of-focus) I'm So Glad I Have 20/20 Eyesight.
-Dear Diary, I Couldn't Find You So I Wrote On A T-Shirt...
-I Only Started That Crime Spree Because It's Nice To Be Wanted.

-Honesty Is The Best Policy If You Want People To Hate You.
-I Find Classical Music Sounds Best During Old-School Cartoons.
-I Just Moved Into The 9th Floor Penthouse Of Cloud Apartments.

-Try Not To Judge Me, Especially If You Have A Robe And Gavel.
-I Speak T-Shirt Quite Fluently.
-Raging Waters Need To See An Anger Therapist.

-In Case Of Sarcastic Emergency: 1. STOP 2. DROP 3. ROLL YOUR EYES
-(in big letters) I'M NOT ONE FOR SMALL TALK.

-I Hacked My Way Onto Santa's Nice List.

-This Tee Is Only A Test Of The Emergency Wearing System.
-When I Come To A Fork In The Road, It's Time to Eat.

-Ironic Tip Of The Day: Reading People's Shirts Is Lame.
-My T-Shirt Can Magically Transform Into A Napkin.

-I Exercise By Sleepwalking Up The Down Escalator.
-Typing In Comic Sans Is No Laughing Matter.

-It's Very Hard To Eat With A Tuning Fork.
-Phantoms Are Ghosts With A Touch Of Class.
-All It Takes Is One Power Pellet To Rid A Haunted House Of Ghosts.

-Spirits Are Ghosts That Have A Drinking Problem.
-Deer Are Just Trying To Win A Staring Contest With Your Car.
-Walking To A Far-Away Gym Is A Cheap Way To Lose Weight.

-Giant Green Lizards Are The #1 Cause Of Inner-City Deaths.
-Hey Zombies, Isn't It About Time You Expanded Your Menu?
-I Eat Cereal Killers For Breakfast.
-Time Machines Can Make Your Fifteen Minutes Of Fame Last Forever.

-An Apple A Day Makes Another Worm Homeless.
-Be Nice To Computers Because Some Day They'll Be Our Overlords.
-I Had Something To Say, But My Speech Bubble Floated Away.
-I Gave Peace A Chance, But It Only Read Me Lame Poetry.

-I Hired An Investigator To Find Out Who Framed My Pictures.
-Orange Juice Sounds Better Than Drinking An Orange's Blood.

-Bed Sheets Are Just Really Lazy Ghosts.
-It Would Really Bite If Vampires Were Afraid Of The Dark.

-I Just Completed My Slogan 365 Project By Submitting This Slogan!
-Racking Your Brains Makes A Lot More Space To Store Ideas.
-I Never Jump To Conclusions. It's More Fun To Play Hopscotch.
-When I'm On A Roll, Only Stop Me If I'm About To Go Over A Cliff.

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I'm with you all the way in your heroic attempt of mesmerizing the whole world with your legendary awesome brain!

I love you FA!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Zahyka., thanks so much! I don't think i ever saw you before on the blogs but you are my new favorite person!

Mountain Gnome

you're just......


I like the season's one!

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

don't go cold turkey when that happens...the only result is you watch Trainspotting 22 times

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

But my dream is to take so many drugs I actually get wedged inside a piece of carpet and watch a dead baby crawl all over my ceiling!

krokun profile pic Alumni

Shouldnt that help with the slogan sucking issues? Im sure its a great cause of slogan greatness.

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

hahahah that's a great dream


watches blog & waits for daily awesomeness

krokun profile pic Alumni

Magic carpets are way more trippy than magic mushrooms

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

thanks mikolina....added pressure, i can't take it!

also, added another soon-to-be-Hinderberg-like slogan flameout.

krokun profile pic Alumni

I bow to your awesome slogan percentages. I can only dream of figures like that. And then when I do they try to kill me...

krokun profile pic Alumni

Yeah, instead of a knife glove the are hands made up of 7's - the sharpest number.

krokun profile pic Alumni

Quotation marks are a slogan's shuriken

TimScribble profile pic Alumni

Good slogans FA.

What did you mean by my middle earth was inspired? As in you've heard it before? If so, oops, Ive never seen it.

Cheers for escalators slogan.

jmeaspls profile pic Alumni

not only doing one slogan a day, but multiple? props to you and your amazing slogan-producing mind powers.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Thanks LBB!

Tim- No i meant it was beyond inspired, as in amazing, as in "that is one of the most clever remixes of a phrase I've ever heard". I would wear it every day with horn-rimmed glasses and pocket protectors on every nook on my body.

jellyes- hahaha, that picture creeps my girlfriend out big time! I'm gonna have to thank my half hour commute to work and leaving my ipod at home by accident for the recent slogan surge.

TimScribble profile pic Alumni

Ya, too bad not everyone agrees with ya.

But such is the life of a 365 sloganeer.

TimScribble profile pic Alumni

Oh, and thanks for the high praise.

krokun profile pic Alumni

Awesome work FA, I too love the Escalator one.

Us 365'ers gotta stick together

krokun profile pic Alumni

Move me.

krokun profile pic Alumni

I gave you like a bazillion mind votes for the taste buds one. But unfortunatly they only got counted once.


Wow... the challenge was one a day and you're being an overachiever and doing up to 4 a day? Nice! I bestow you a geeked out pocket protector in your honor. :)

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

haha pocket protector that's lame!

(plots scheme to get the pocket protector)

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

thanks krokun! mind votes are good for karma tho.

G Snapz, thanks for the pocket protector, it even has a pocket protector for the pocket protector to make sure the original pocket protector doesn't get dirty! Thanks a ton!

Now where's that shiv that fits in the pp for Maltz's inevitable full-scale attack?

Also, more sloganz lovin' all up in yo brain for the day!

jmeaspls profile pic Alumni

I Have Never Made A Bad Fish Pun On Porpoise

this is so ridiculously lame it's AWESOME.

also, I just realized I haven't actually voted on any of these. going to raise your %s on a few of these! haha

jmeaspls profile pic Alumni

also, not to sound like an FA fanboy, but this was the first slogan I voted yes for, and still one I really want to see printed

"Humans: The Greatest Threat To Humans Since the Dawn of Humans."

ahaha. so good.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Aw, thanks a ton Jellyes. Please, i don't have enough (ie any) fanboys, so be the first and probably only member! I'll bake you Brownies!

By bake i mean buy them from the hostess section of the local qwik-e-mart.

Got a fearsome foursome of slogans today.

krokun profile pic Alumni

The four slogans of the apocalypse

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

this is harrrrrrrrd work!

krokun profile pic Alumni

Out of the dirt shall arise a diamond. Slogan. Grawrswswrw

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

All of my slogans bombed so hard today i think i started a small tribal war in some part of the world.

Tomorrow i shall have my revenge!

O, it's tomorrow already, maybe i'll throw some up now.


TimScribble profile pic Alumni

The lose weight one is pretty clever.

krokun profile pic Alumni

Looking good duder

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

damn smartbombs

they're such nerds

krokun profile pic Alumni

Smartbombs are class slackers. When will they learn?

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