WIP: skate park 2001

comments and suggestions always welcome

Watch this
Gar0 profile pic Alumni

now that's a treat....

Woss profile pic Alumni

Haha, brill!

steven218 profile pic Alumni

haha, awesome

maybe one of them should be battering the monolith with a deck

Raid71 profile pic Alumni

I'll add in a couple of extra ancestors ...
Wanted the sand colour to match film, (African desert type environment)

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

fucking BRILLIANT man! I'd like to see the "throwing a bone up in the air" idea in there somewhere, but it might be too much. Maybe in the background one of the apes throwing up a Mountain Dew or Red Bull-ish can like that?

David T
David T profile pic Alumni

Instant buy! I'm a huge 2001 fan. But I'm not sure about the cloud in the background... to me it looks a bit like a dust storm or an explosion. b.t.w I hope you subbed that travel expands your mind design... it was awesome.

Raid71 profile pic Alumni

hasn't subbed 'travel expands your mind ' yet.... still needs a little bit of work


like the colours you've used on this


how did i miss this? did i leave my radical chimp radar off again? dammit!

Raid71 profile pic Alumni

Chimp radar... which one, as there was an dodgy batch produced around 2005, maybe you have one of those fitted

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