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againstbound profile pic Alumni

Dude, that's great!!! I love the mix of styles, iwth the simple, cartoonier moonpeople.

There's just something about the space background I'm not fully sold on. I just can't pinpoint what it is.


you're going to iceland!

beesneak profile pic Alumni

I like very much:)

beesneak profile pic Alumni

Not on white though please......I mean it looks nice, but white shirts don't stay crispy past 2 or 3 washes.

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

Cool! You're loving the diamond glitters at the moment :-P


need to show more depth on the glitters
at first it looked like a distracting emblem or something on dudes spacesuit
otherwise it's a neat juxtaposition of styles
good luck!

Raid71 profile pic Alumni

Silver version added... I've also tweaked the background to look more like a face

platinum profile pic Alumni

white looks awesome!! I love the mix in styles... great effective contrast.

Gar0 profile pic Alumni

Liking the silver version, though not sold on the creatures, I'd like to see them have the diamond motif in their make up, somehow.


try a darker colour

sonmi profile pic Alumni

i loove the silver! this is so great and magical.

David T
David T profile pic Alumni

WOW. This is the best of your "diamond" designs yet. Really strange and amazing. I love it on white. I want this shirt now.

Raid71 profile pic Alumni

Had added some texture on the floor for the light... want to get this one just right

David T
David T profile pic Alumni

I still really like this on white.

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