Attack of the Balloons

I believe just a standard design, for standard print methods I would assume.

Watch this

I believe just a standard design, for standard print methods I would assume.


The only problem with the design for me is the defined rectangular shape.

ghost of sophia

their expressions are amazing, I don't know whether to laugh or run away :)


I see the point about the shape - perhaps on a human torso it may not present itself quite so boxy...

And yes, if one chose to laugh, it may be TOO late to run away - they seem perhaps a bit speedy:)


reminds me of don hertzfeldt; which is very very cool.


Killer balloons! These are awesome, Jesse! I would definitely buy this shirt. ;)


Love it! Your work is awesome in color - I'm used to black & white. :)


cool dude! right up your alley! i hope it does well.......
love, your sis


Like the design, just not a lover of primary colors. But I gave this a 5

Fruitcake Monster

Agree with JustDahl - ace illustration but the colours don't do it any justice. Could try a coloured tee?


I've actually had recurring nightmares of attack balloons as a child.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Oh this is a really frightning thought, monsters in balloon form, i'd love to see this redone in a different style, nice idea here!


omgosh! It reminds me of Billy's Balloon! I reeeaaaalllllyy hope this gets printed. I'd still recommend spreading the balloons around the area of the shirt more. White shirts have a habit of looking cheap if the design isn't executed properly.


i wish they were grouped a bit more randomly, it would make it less rectangular


i wish i could see a close-up image of this...


oh mannn belt print this beast!


I think it's great. Yeah, I see what has been said about the shape. Maybe if it covered all of the front, including sleeves, and carried on a little round to the back.

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