• by Merwyk
  • posted Oct 08, 2008

Hope you like it!

Watch this

Hope you like it!


he has a weird expression, it's like an open frown


Hello! do other people also think the expresion is weird? cus then ill change it. I can't see it as an open frown, just as a broad smile, but that might be because i have looked at it for too long.


oohhh is it because the toung doesnt look like a toung?


clean up the face. the brows and the lips specially. he looks like a cross between a wolf and a vampire


Yeah the mouth looks weird. It's because the white on the face and on the tongue merge as one shape.

You could create the tongue almost like a semi circle. And then create the mouth as another semi circle. Then instead of having the white of the tongue touch the white of the face, bring the tongue shape up just a bit such that it creates a line that separates the tongue and face.

You could see an example here:

I like the concept anyway :)

Ps. Could you?


Did the mouth, what do you think now?


lijntje beetje te dik onder tong nu.
slaande poppetje beetje statisch: misschien been buigen, los van de grond?



cool idea. I'd add more colors, and try to add more details to the design.


May want to try making the face solid white with no features, may give it a deep/creepy feel. May or may not work for you :)


Hey thanks for the ractions, I want to ad more but im afraid adding details will take aaway of the simplicity and the clarity. If you have any examples of details you would add that would be great. I dont think I want to make the face solid, if thought about it, but I think that takes away of the joke of him getting hit with the painting because he'l be less personal?
thanx again


let him have a face. maybe you could try make him look into the painting...
nice concept!


well in my mind adding more detail would be cleaning up a bit more the illustrations such as making the arms have a bit more clean curves. giving detail in terms of making a bit more interesting would be such as his clothing giving it some shadow and some pockets and adding some lines to his sneakers/shoes. I love this concept and i would go for it you got your self a winning idea.

please comment on mines!


I like it. I don't think you need too much more, just clean up the lines. If you do feel like changing up the character i like cwmonkey's idea of him having a blank white face. You could also put him in a suit and add blood at the end for a ultra creepy feel.
Good Work!

Comment/Score My Design?


Version 3.
I cleaned up the lines a bit, especially the face, I changed the position of the guy inside the frame a bit and changed the color of the shirt to blue. Whatcha think?


Haha, lovely! It really put a grin on my face.

(and please help me out here if you got some time)


I liked the gray, stood out more. Gray also looks nicer on green.


Realy nice, dont think it needs changes.

maby it looks nice to make more "bigger" reflections even if it don't fit on the shirt any more.


Jongen dit is echt belachelijk! :D je kan je niet zomaar voor doen als iemand die er niets mee te maken heeft!


(btw dat was naar ynze niet naar Mirjam)

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