OMG DeVotchka, Amiina, RJD2, The Album Leaf and NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS?!?!?

Watch this
Steve The Great

lol Korn

that looks pretty awesome roommate would love it.

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there was a soundtrack released before this, with fiona apple and the only decent song/cover that Fall Out Boy has ever done. She wants revenge totally ruined a song though.


oooh, datarock and sparklehorse!

also, lol@korn


Is this old? One of my friends was going on and on about the Marilyn Manson song months ago, but I wasn't really paying much attention.

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no, the marilyn manson song is the only old one. The other album that had some covers was just a special edition of the sountrack. It also had Fiona apple, Panic! at the Disco, Fall out boy, She wants revenge, and Marilyn Manson.


soooooo want :-)


Oh, so all the other songs are new?


not to mention Datarock, Polyphonic Spree, and that one guy.

I was listening to it yesteday.


oh wait, is that on the n ew or old one?

I was listening to one.

are there two?

I don't know!

teach me!


Marilyn Manson doing "This is Halloween"?


Is it bad that I've never seen this?

Aub, if you read this, tell Amelia we have to watch this.

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