Sex, Drugs, Rock\'n\'Roll

  • by bensticle
  • posted Sep 29, 2008

Sign language.

Watch this
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Sign language.


clever idea, but not the best execution. also, threadless has a sub w/ the first hand gesture.




I like it, although the "drugs" sign feels somewhat forced.
And I guess chelly is right, the execution could have been a bit better.

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Haha, is that doggy style? The hand is a bit off...


Good Idea! First hand has been done and he second isn't that clear. I know what it's suppose to be but it could be worked on.

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Unless this concept, i.e. Sex Drugs and RocknRoll has been done then I don't know why people are commenting on the first hand having 'been done' before.

Thanks to the people who like it, and thanks to the others for the constructive crit.


cool i like


If I'm not mistaken the ASL's sign for sex is 2 k's palms facing with a few back-forward motions. I'm sure felatio would be a bit more difficult to sign.

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might involve more than hands, i'd imagine. oh, i wish i didn't imagine :|


I would prefer three smaller hands horizontal across the chest

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hehe nice concep


Is that model Michael Phelps?


Great idea, bad images and execution. The sex hands are all wrong and the rock'n'roll one isn't drawn well.


needs a better execution

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I might try a more stylised, illustrated version, doing the hands horizontally as suggested. However, this is a concept i'm pretty happy with (which is why i may have rushed it up for submissed).


did you even draw these, or just find them on the internet and throw them in photoshop. jesus, where have all the artists gone

A Bilingual Eve

Oh, don't be mean.

I think it's a funny idea! But I agree that if you polished up the execution, it would benefit immensely. I'm thinking have them in a horizontal placement with the arms extending to the bottom of the shirt, and add some more linework/shading jazz.

But it's just a suggestion. Maybe you were going for the ASL textbook look. :)

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I found photos and traced over them in Adobe Illustrator. I've actually sold one of these privately, so hey, someone must like the design. When you get a design printed, perhaps I'll take your opinion a little more seriously. Of course, all the positive comments need no such verification.

As for what I was going for; I never really thought about adding more detail. It's the concept that is interesting, not the execution.


The sex guy has two right hands!


haha awesome! $5


my girlfriend has studied sign language, so i now share her dislike of what i'll call "fake sign language." i think it would be pretty cool to have a t-shirt with the real signs, and only a few people would get it when it was worn, but those few people would get a huge kick out of it. i also wish that the "about my design" part didn't say "sign language." that's sort of false advertising. sorry i'm a bit oversensitive about that. i just wanted to point it out. but some people would enjoy this concept i'm sure. good luck anyway.


Kind of a cool idea in theory , I agree with schoog, in jokes are the best after all. Calvalcade, turn your left hand round it does work :)

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