Forced Diversity in Holland?

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<div title=""A guest, like a fish, stinks the third day." - Dutch Proverb">This is interesting. Apparently before you can become a Dutch citizen now you have to watch a movie and take a test. The movie includes gay men kissing and a topless woman at a beach, amongst other aspects of life in the Netherlands.

The program has received decidedly mixed reviews.

This part gets me:

"There are some major exemptions. EU nationals, asylum-seekers and skilled workers who earn more than $54,000 per year will not be required to take the 30-minute computerized exam.

Also, citizens of the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan and Switzerland are exempt."

Oh yeah. The prep kit is ~$75.00 and the test is ~$420.00.

Those kooky Dutch.</div>

Watch this


I want to see this movie


Sorry Steve, you're an American. You don't get to pay $495.00 to look at a topless girl. :)


damn stright we dont need to watch it, we are so desensatized, well except for the christians, they dont get used to anything.


Boy, should have named this "ROMG POINTS!1!" or something if I wanted people to pay attention. :)

Easy Jack

But if you want Steve, for $495, I could arrange something like that for you. :)


yea the only way to get people to comment is to offer points or something, pretty lame.


Or I could be a girl. Even an "Untitled" blog by a chick gets attention. :)


For just $350, I'll send you some top-of-the-line porn and your very own "I'm Dutch!" notarized certificate of citizenship.

Oh, it'll cost you 30 points, too.


Really? I can get more attention for me blogs cuz I'm a girl? Reverse sexism all the way, baby! Take that!

* Please note, the author does not condone sexism of any kind *


I always type 'me' instead of 'my'. I'm not a pirate.


You should be a pirate. A Dutch pirate, sailing the topless seas of diversity ...


Ha! That's great!

I think I have a new calling...


Not nearly as fucked as ours, my friend.


Awesome! Someone from Holland!

What's your opinion on this? They keep saying it's specifically designed to keep muslims out of the country. I can see where they would be particularly shocked.

(matthijs) profile pic Alumni

Well that's probably not true. They just want people to learn about the culture and the truth is that gay marriage and laying topless on the beach is normal here. I don't know whether this is the right way to learn those things and the exam they have to take has the most ridiculous questions most dutch people don't even care about themselves.

I don't know what to think of this. I have to say I disagree with most things our government does lately...


.... lol... this is AWESOME...

except for the dudes kissing... BLAH... o

alot of countries are extremely hard to immigrate to legally as compaired to the US, funny that everyone pitches a god damn fit if we talk about enforcing our own fairly lax immigration laws.


The exam is apparently pretty rough here too, matthijs. I'm not sure if most American citizens could answer the historical questions on the naturalization test, though they probably should.


Yeah, my friend's parents took it, and they were studying for weeks.


I dont think the film has been made to prevent muslims to immigrate to Holland. In fact there are two versions of the film one with the controversial immages and one without them.

This is from the dutch immigration website:

"Some things that are quite ordinary and acceptable in the Netherlands are forbidden in other countries. For example, in the Netherlands women are allowed to sunbathe on the beach with few clothes on (guess few clothes = top less :) , and people have the freedom of expression to show that they are homosexuals or lesbians. The film includes images of this.
In some countries, it is against the law to be in the possession of films with images of this nature. Because of this, a special film has been made for these countries. In this film, the prohibited images have been deleted"


Well that's odd. If the point is to expose people to what Dutch culture is like, then how is catering to the immigrants' old culture going to solve anything?


shit, i actually WANT to see those things!! you mean we get a free trip to holland and get to see gay men and boobs?! who's complaining about this?!


I wonder if there are any cartoons in the video ... that could be dangerous ... :)


hey, at christmas time, do you ever wish people happy rhollidays?


No, but I've been known to give the ladies some happy Holliday, if you know what I mean ...

Boy, that even sounds lame as it's typed.

Aristarchus profile pic Alumni

I can see why Cnaadians would be exempt, but why the Yanks?

(Tee-Hee! I love stirring up shit...)


Canadians are exempt because they already understand the culture. Americans are exempt because our money is worth more and we'll spend it like crazy, so who cares what we think?

(Me too. :) )

Aristarchus profile pic Alumni

One wonders if The Netherlands wouldn't get farther simply by making a one question test: "In five-hundred words or less, what do you think about fags?"

(...still stirring.)


Wow. I think I have a new idea for an essay contest.

Or a really long blog. :)

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hah! didn't even see this blog - let me just say the stuff isn't 'designed' to keep away certain people or letting in others, although it is a really weird way of getting someone to know the culture.

immigrants also have to take lessons in dutch culture and stuff, sometimes even having to learn stuff we don't actually do or like ourselves...

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plus, they will very likely get the test for free, since everybody gets money from the government...

Monkey II
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Hup Holland Hup!!!


This is an old blog randomly bumped. Nice to hear from another Dutch guy, though.

Yeah Nicola, that's the part that got me. Certain people don't have to do it.

And I don't have $400 handy. What about like, 2 STP? Maybe 4, if I like what I see. :)


Where did they come up with 54,000?


I have no idea. This is an old blog, I haven't kept up with the progress.

And Nicola, I've got plenty of cash. I just don't have $400 handy … for you. ;)

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