I see dead People too!

  • by alexmdc
  • posted Sep 22, 2008

"I see dead people!"

now you can too :) with this amazing tshirt powered by UV ink, just in time for Halloween kids. :)

total of 8 colors

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alexmdc profile pic Alumni

"I see dead people!"

now you can too :) with this amazing tshirt powered by UV ink, just in time for Halloween kids. :)

total of 8 colors

SM Designs

PRINT! $$5

This is awesome!


wow, this is an amazing illustration. i dunno if i much care for the shirt while the monsters aren't showing, but this is super rad

DaniellesGarden profile pic Alumni

really nice.. i just wish the pillow wasnt the same color as the boys hair


Hahaha...this made me laugh. And it brings back fun memories of me freaking out to that movie! :3 $5


the rollover area should be bigger, like to inc the text. Since this isn't a UI rating site, 4!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I agree with Soulfume, might need one more element to the tee when the UV isn't showing (like a clock showing 2:38am or some late-night number, or some food on the bed half-eaten that's gonna give the kid nightmares, maybe a clown pictures on the wall), but man, the idea is stellar and artwork is once again top notch and full of awesome. If you haven't already gotten a Threadless print notice, you will be soon.



awesome illustration. you always kick ass.
keep up the great work dude.

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

it's pretty awesome overall, and i guess i'm the only one this bothers so far but that kid's right ear (our left) is so wrong. it's smaller than his other ear and we shouldn't even be able to see it with the angle of his head i think :\

Mountain Gnome

Yeag ginetteginette I think you're right, it is a little odd.
Frickenawesome has a point too.

However that aside, the artwork is amazing.!

mezo profile pic Alumni

You have a really nice style that doesn't need a gimmick. 4

Aphte profile pic Alumni

Great illustration !


Great idea, great illustration all together! 5$!!

alexmdc profile pic Alumni

yeah thinking about it now I dont think it needs to be in UV, and that might give me a little mroe room to mess with the colors a bit more, but thank you everyone for the comments :)

Brandar Ellis

yeah i agree with frickinawesome, and im not really into the skull on the bottom, other than that...

dude, this is fudging greatness, $5


Maybe have the kid be in the UV ink.


snow day.

yeah! this illustration is so great. $5

briancook profile pic Alumni

Good X 3000 = this. I don't think the bottom of the skull is needed though. Nice skills.

ghost of sophia

I won't lie, I jumped a little O.o it's a fantastic illustration!


yeah without the UV you just gotta a little boy on your shirt. i like the UV part without it being UV. i dont really understand the bottom half of the skull being there either but the rest is great.

and you just totally reminded me there is this huge quartered sized fly on my wall right now. sleeping i guess? should i be afraid?

gumbolimbo profile pic Alumni

very clever!

dschwen profile pic Alumni

AWEsome! $5



alexmdc profile pic Alumni

the bottom skull if you look at the whole illustration as a whole, the whole thing is shaped as s skull, so symboling death in a way, but it can be modified and it can be printed without the uv offcoruse :)

Mikko Terva
Mikko Terva profile pic Alumni

excellent! I wish there was some hints of the dead dudes even before it's hit with uv rays. like someone said above, indoors it's just a boy in bed.

other than that, great work!


ewwww it's so gross! xD




amazing presentation! very cool! $5


i like

jess4002 profile pic Alumni

very nice!


You deserve 5 for the fly noise alone!
Great stuff!

alexmdc profile pic Alumni

I had to really catch a fly and record the sound, so thank you.

haha no I didnt :(


i must say its the most fantastic desgin i ever seen!
Check out my design!


YEah so the


What I meant to say was:
I have to admit... this shirt scares me. So although this should be printed I doubt I'd buy it. And you need to lose that ear, and the skull thing really doesn't add anything to the overall design. I personally think the UV thing should be kept otherwise it's just a kid in a bed surrounded by monsters.



sonmi profile pic Alumni

nice illustration! the fly sound is hilarious

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