setting the sky

  • by w1ng740
  • posted Sep 20, 2008

...and wait until you see how earth was made.

Watch this

...and wait until you see how earth was made.


looks cute, would like to see it up closer!


A closeup would be apprechiated. Looks great, though!


What No Clouds??? Awesome Design, You Should Have Made This More Bigger For Viewing. Put The Moon On A Cloud, Not The Puffy Ones Usually Done For Sunny Days. A Misty Fog-like One. I Would Cop $5.


very cool


That's really cute. Does it glow?


Are those cats? I can't tell. Close up please so I can vote?


If I didn't get it before I saw the larger version, people looking at the shirt won't get it.

It's a cute design tho! so you might want to consider:

a. working with the vertical space, too. You have lots of data (cats, stars hanging, moon, stars on the side), action (cats working, moon thinking) and it's crammed across a very small space. That could work, but it doesn't really.

b. "ink" right. Work with the lines' width.
For example, the stars' threads could be thinner. The pile on the side could be made of thin lines, and only the line around it (its "perimeter") would be thicker, that hints the viewer that there isn't much content inside the pile, just the pile itself.

c. I'd remove the moon's thinking balloon, because although it gives it a different character than a balloon-less shirt would, it seems like you're trying to tell more content but there isn't much.
The main idea of the shirt are the cats hanging the stars, and the moon's thought balloon draws the eyes as if there was more content there.

d. A jeans-like blue coloring may add to the picture.

I'm not writing all this to diss your design - au contraire, I'm writing this because it's a good design that has potential, but hasn't used enough of it imho.


Umm... It rocks, don't change a thing. Its simple and sweet and awesome the way it is. I just want to keep staring at it! Great job, I'd deff buy this.


wow! i love it!


I love it, it's great. I would buy it!


Dont chang a thing. Except maybe an inch lower on the shirt. I LOVE IT !


I realllllllly liked this design.
Please tell me you're going to sub it again.
I'd love to wear it one day :)

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