i found a wannabe!

Watch this
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$30 lol


Oh yeah!
I've seen that crappy copy from 30 Seconds to Mars. Why did they do that? They should try to get their OWN design instead of copying threadless -.- Idiots...

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good thing they're a bad band:(


hey guys, 30 seconds to mars did not copy the design, some crappy designer who worker for them did, and besides, there is not evidence in the webpage that that tee is original.
I have seen this design in many tshirts here in mexico and I bet those tees are not threadless... but anyway... that's their problem


actually, the design that 30 seconds to mars used is by the same artist that designed the flowers in the attic shirt for threadless. the design is called "flowers in the attic 2," and can be found here:
it's at the bottom right of the page.

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