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the revenge of the small fish

Watch this

the revenge of the small fish


haha when i saw the little fish at the end i was like ew!
but in a good way
i think its really funny and i love the fish!


hahaha. janitor fish?! nice!


haha...that's funny:)


puke that poop is a little too much for me.


the gray one looks a lot like the spore fish from the old ads that were there for 3 years... the whole concept reminds me of that.

I personally love the poop. it's not so obvious like the paint palette versions of diarrhea-poop that sorta grossed me out, so it works.


hahaha ewww....but that's the response you want, right?


hilarious! it's the cycle of life. i wish the bubbles were more rough like the style of the fish.


would love for you to make it a whole circle
with the little purple fish at the front be
the same fish at the end



actually, that was the original concept but it seems i am out of time doing illustrations of the fishes, so instead i came with this one, i still love how it became but definitely I will still have to go to my first concept when time comes. Next week would be the time maybe. Thanks a lot for your comments!


laughs brillant. Go recycling. XD

Van Van

minus bubbles = pure win


I love the little fish


OMG the last fishy.


first off, i can't believe you put trailing fish poo on a shirt! i actually wonder what it would look like without the bubbles. anyhow at first glance not totally into it. but i can't not love a shirt that incorporates trailing fish poo into the design. awesome!


The design and the colors don't particularly mesh well. Since the design and the line work are so bold and sharp, it makes sense to have the colors be bold and sharp too. As it is, you have a lot of olive green and light maroon that don't look as good as say, a bold blue or something. Plus, it looks kind of Christmassy.


MERRY CHRISTMAS. I prefer my own way, you make your own style. THANKS anyway!

PS. Thanks for the lecture.


it would be better if it was all in a circle continous but this is a funny design


This makes me gag...only because I can still picture our old fish eating each others poo... shudders lol


I like it. It would work too if it went fullcircle.

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