So whats been going on at threadless

Havent been here for ages (no internet at my new house, except when the airwaves are being kind)....

Whats been going on?

Im currently in Caldas Da Rainha (Portugal), heading back to London next Tuesday :)

Watch this
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you haven't missed a lot. blogs aren't what they used to be. all the americans have been getting together pretty frequently and having sex with each other to the detriment of the rest of us.

She Says So

bloody americans.

well sweaty maybe.



youre just jealous

She Says So

a bit maybe....

i dont have any electricity at the moment.

well actually we are stealing some from another house via a mass of extension cables....creating a deadly tripwire. but its enough to power 2 laptops a lamp and a fridge! using cats as heating though.

Steve The Great

i've been doing none of what leon mentioned and I would like to know just who and where this "sex" is supposed to happen

Monkey X
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I haven't been here a lot lately... :(
several reasons though


there was a lynching
but it wasn't classified as a hate crime
ipear ate a chocolate donut


I grew like 5 inches.


puterboy took in all 5 inches


wow, way to take it PuterBoy

She Says So

yeah, when i have had internet the connection has been slow to the point that voting is zzzzzzzzzz.


that sucks

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