I Can See Clearly

Watch this

theres a similar one like this printed. this is done so much and im not sure why


white T looks sweet as

abra ka samm

Which one's printed like this?

abra ka samm

Somehow I missed when this stopped pending. This is my first submission on threadless, I hope you guys like it!

abra ka samm

Oh and the placement will be how it is on the t-shirts...not in the background.

abra ka samm

Thank you for finding it, but they really aren't that similar. If the others designs you wrote of look more similar-then I'd be concerned, but I'm just trying to have a positive outlook about this, this is my first submission and I am really happy about it.


this reminds me of the band 3OH!3 hahahah

i like it =)


Great job! It's such a creative and wonderful sketch!


Reminds me of Goatse kinda.

abra ka samm

I just realized what it was--you're disgusting, please don't write that kind of stuff on my pictures.


so lovely is the one thats just like this

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