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I Can See Clearly

Watch this

theres a similar one like this printed. this is done so much and im not sure why


in the design, the wrists lead the arm down, but in the placement, they go off to the side


white T looks sweet as

abra ka samm

Which one's printed like this?

abra ka samm

Somehow I missed when this stopped pending. This is my first submission on threadless, I hope you guys like it!

abra ka samm

Oh and the placement will be how it is on the t-shirts...not in the background.

abra ka samm

Thank you for finding it, but they really aren't that similar. If the others designs you wrote of look more similar-then I'd be concerned, but I'm just trying to have a positive outlook about this, this is my first submission and I am really happy about it.


this reminds me of the band 3OH!3 hahahah

i like it =)


Great job! It's such a creative and wonderful sketch!


Reminds me of Goatse kinda.

abra ka samm

I just realized what it was--you're disgusting, please don't write that kind of stuff on my pictures.


so lovely is the one thats just like this

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