Selling Medium Guys =]

  • by vlsi0n
  • posted Sep 10, 2008

I've seen other people talking about how they have a certain shirt and it doesn't fit or for whatever reason they want to sell it.

I got the shirt a while ago now, when I first got it it didn't fit but I held onto it because I didn't want to give it up. I should have just returned it for credit at Threadless but I didn't.

If there are any medium guys that want to buy the shirt (and can't wait for the re-print) contact me (go to my profile on here) for my aim and e-mail under the About Me Section.

Alright, cool!


oh yeah, and this was worn(ish) once because I had to try it on so it's new without discoloration, marks, holes et cetera.

photos of shirt in question, to help ease any fears:

Watch this

Holy fuck, I gotta look over the pics and talk to the person with my money, but I've been waiting for this shirt for awhile.

I might be your customer.


I've been trying to get in contact with you, and I think it reprinted or something? I missed it AGAIN! Still have your shirt?


no longer up for sale.

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