hello cancer

  • by jadaso
  • posted Sep 07, 2008

the t-shirt color might vary

Watch this

the t-shirt color might vary


I totally agree with you, but I don't think many people would wear this...


cancer cures smoking


I guess it would be funnier for me if I hadn't watched my grandparents dies slow, painful deaths--one a basic suicide the other in fifteen years of great fear and severe disability. Then went to their funerals and watched the family fight over the estate. Then watched the family fall apart. But hey, that's just me.


I did, on the plus side, quit smoking fifteen years ago or so.

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:c Not funny.


cancer sucks!
this graphic doesn´t make fun of sick people or whatever you associate. it´s just the way it is. the same way the industrie belittled the risks. dark humor. you smoke? you know the risks.


i want to put this up in a dr's office


I think it's great!

I don't think there's anything offensive about it.

It's saying that you shouldn't smoke because it can give you cancer.


well this made me laugh




It's funny, and depressing at the same time. Sign me up for three!


HAHAH, I love this! :D


I think your t-shirt is completely offensive and disgusting, i lost my father to cancer maybe when you've been through something similar you won't find it so funny! you should be ashamed and so should those who have supported you!!!

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People seem to be missing the point. Of course it is awful to lose someone though cancer, i feel really bad for anyone who has or has cancer themselves. i saw this as an anti-smoking campaign type-thing. yeah like in a doctors office. Dunno who would want to wear it on a shirt at the end of the day though, sorry.


hey. slow down!!!
this is not only about being funny. it is a statement AGAINST smoking. my mom just had cancer. and i am not ashamed for adding this to threadless. i didn´t expected such an reaction and don´t want to hurt anyone feelings. guessed the meaning were obvious.

Mr Obvious

Cancer isn't humorous. I have lost atleast 9 family members to smoking deaths


losing a friend or a member of the familiy is sad!!!!
and it seems to be OBVIOUS that there is something wrong
with the way we get used to smoking. all people know the risks. sorry for repeating this again - but i guess i have to.
at least this is a good sign to get a strong reaction.
this shows how hot (+difficult) this theme is.
and i think it´s keen to where a shit with a message!
do you smoke?

i call it off.


It's clear you're not making fun of cancer. People can be sensitive to touchy subjects, but that doesn't mean you can't touch them. We all know people who have died from or otherwise suffered with cancer. That's why we should all get your message.

It's not my cup of tea as far as a shirt goes but it's not a bad design and people's shouldn't crap on it.


I love it. Obviously not in SUPPORT of cancer. That would be bad. I do cancer research and I'd totally wear this in my lab!


GOLD!!! I'd wear this for sure, stick it once more to the smokers who'll have to read my T-shirt before they go outside to smoke!! HAHAHA


Cigarettes should be banned in all countries.


Oh man, I'm a freaking chain smoker and I find this shirt to have a wonderfully anti-smoking message. ...My mom'd probably buy it for me, though XD

I don't think there's anything wrong with this shirt's message, in the least bit.


B 7 on Sep 14 '08
People seem to be missing the point. Of course it is awful to lose someone though cancer, i feel really bad for anyone who has or has cancer themselves. i saw this as an anti-smoking campaign type-thing.

Great typo and shirt!


I like how this evokes an emotion out of people (funny or not) and, it makes people think.


love it.


The design is great, I like the blue. The message is totally clear, can't really see why people get worked up like this, it's a bit sad.
Why not wear a message for a change that might wake some people up? If not successful on threadless, maybe you can get in touch with the Cancer Society and see if they'd base a campaign on it?

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