Phot-o-graphs! :D

Yaaaay!!! :D So I finally decided to cash in on the concept of "FREE MONEY FROM THREADLESS" while this sale is going on so that I can buy even MORE new shirts from threadless! -^____^-

So that being said, I did a photoshoot with a friend today and took pictures of ALL of my threadless shirts.

...that ALSO includes the ones that I bought before I had this account, and one that I recived as a gift, and I didn't realize that I couldn't post those pictures. :(
And it's sad, because the threadless shirt that I'm wearing in my profile pic turned out REALLY REALLY COOL!
... but I don't get credit fot it. D':

But regardless. I hope they accept the rest of my pictures so that I can buy some of these new cool tees. :3
That are on sale as well! :D


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FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I thought your blog title said "pot-o-graphs" at first, and i was fairly convinced you were taking photos while high on the pot. Not pot, but THE pot which is a way older strain.

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