• by skaw
  • posted May 18, 2006

Watch this

Your hamster must've bee pissed off to be left behind. Haven't you watched any disaster movies to know already that you always have to go back at the last minute to fetch the dog/hamster/gold fish?


I am in GA too, and I just worked all night through the storms.
Are you at KSU dorms?


Yep, I'm in GA too. My supervisor (I'm an RA) called me while I was asleep warning me that there wa s a tornado watch and if there was a tornado warning, she'd call me because we'd all have to get to our "shelter locations." It got really bad in the middle of the night...hailed really loud. I'm glad we didn't get a warning, though. But while it was going on...I was like...if this is like this in the morning, I ain't goin anywhere (due at work in a few).
Anyways..hope y'all got through it ok.


Yeah, I'm at the KSU dorms.

Agh! Yeah, I was supposed to be somewhere at 8am this morning and thought, there's noooo way I'll be making it. I couldn't get back to sleep, so I ended up sleeping from 9-2pm.


hmmmm, it IS starting to get really dark and cloudy outside. uh oh!


I'm in Marietta. I just (mostly) slept through them. It's a good thing it didn't end up getting tornado-y, because my apartment doesn't really have anywhere to go.


its like that in ohio all the time.

but this time she's gone bi polar.

on thursday it rained and hailed like crazy and friday morning it was 80 degrees and clear out. then it came back around 4 PM or so.


I agree that storms suck...I live in the midwest.
damn hail damage and tornadoes constantly.
luckily my dad is one of those guys who stands outside during storms and watches them...I used to go out with him all the time, so storms and bad weather dont really freak me out anymore.
i just hate them cause I cant do as much outside stuff.

Im also glad your hamster is safe....more wheel running and water bottles for him/her.


gocryemokid: us too! It was gorgeous yesterday, sunny, around 80, and then crashboomhailraineek!

rholliday: I hear there's a lot of damage near the Big Chicken... I work over there. Aiee.

MysteriousPete: haha, yes, she's still runnin, unaware that she could've perished. And I love standing and watching the sky during a storm, but I also happen to be terrified of them, so it's a bit of a conundrum...


we have a tin covered roof on the top of my apartment complex, so it kinda sounds like machinegun fire when it hails..which has given me bad ass war dreams on a few occasions.
Eat hot lead Nazis!!!


the weather is always bipolar in nc, until summer. then its just hot.


haha, Olli... so freakin' true.


Wow, the Big Chicken is like 5 minutes down the road from here. I just looked around outside and we barely even have branches on the ground. Weird.

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