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Palm Tree

  • by jshicks8
  • posted Sep 01, 2008

I've been having issues with this submission all day. Hopefully it goes through haha

Watch this

I've been having issues with this submission all day. Hopefully it goes through haha


you submitted this 3 times with very slight changes, its not really going to change your rating.


agree with cyanidee, you should spend your time in other concepts.


STOP subbing the same thing slightly tweaked. It's still a bad pun.


thanks for the comments, just waiting on some artists to give some input now

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

the shadow still isn't adding anything to this, it's subtracting. i think you should just stay away from attempting shadows since it took you three tries to get it sorta right, and i don't really understand why you needed a shadow in the first place.
the thing is though, that this is a pretty lame concept, no amount of tinkering would really get it going in a good direction unless you had your own developed style that was interesting to look at on its own.

i think putting your stuff in the critique section before submitting it would help you a ton though, and i know its tough to get good feedback in there but just announce your critiques in your blog and i'm sure poeple will come by and help you out if you're excepting of criticism. goodluck.


Okay, I'm an artist, and I agree with the other comments. Bad pun, poorly drawn.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Yeah, i'm sorry man, it's a cute idea, but i think we've established the score on this one from your other versions. Move on to something else and good luck!

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