When this shirt was first printed I knew I had to have it but money was tight as I was leaving for vacation. Once I got my next pay I went to order and it was sold out already.

I need this shirt in my life. Even though I signed up to receive notification when it's reprinted I still do a search every week or so... just in case.

Watch this

What size do you wear?


I agree. This shirt needs to be reprinted. I need it in my life as well. Good things will happen with this shirt, I can feel it.


I'm in the same boat as you. as soon as I've got money, it's sold out. It's probably a safe bet that it will be reprinted some time due to its popularity.


They reprinted, and god am I happy that they did! I CAN NOT WAIT TO PUT THIS SHIRT ON!


Woah. I'm surprised at this reprint. I remember it becoming a "special order" fairly soon after selling out the first time...but I guess it was reprinted...? Eitherway, I'm glad more can share in this shirt!


What?? They only reprinted the mens ones. :(


ordered mine for $12! yesss


RIPOFF!!! UGH - No Girls M :(


Yeah, I see NO girl's sizes. Hmm...what the heck?


That's really weird.. maybe they just had a bunch of men's left over in the store?

A girlie M is pretty close to a men's XS... if you're desperate :)


Only 16 Mediums left... I just bought one this morning. So if this was on your "buy" list its going fast...


I still want this. If anybody has one they are willing to sell in a girly XL, you will be my best friend...


ARGGRRR WHIES ;____; I knew i shoulda bought it when i first saw it.
Well at least it looks like it reprints kinda often... ish.

Hopefully. I need it in my life as well.

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

my friends constantly make fun of me for wearing this shirt, even when I'm NOT WEARING IT.

but i don't care.

they're fucking jealous.


krokun profile pic Alumni

two words, "Killer pussy"

This was like the first shirt I bought and I just happened to join after it got reprinted. The threadless gods were smiling on me that day...

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