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  • posted Aug 24, 2008

You love Threadless, right? What's better than Threadless tees? That's right! Threadless tees ON SALE! Well... what's even better than that? You betcha! FREE THREADLESS TEES! Do we have your attention yet?! First of all, if you don't have a Threadless account, join up now! You can't participate in this challenge without one! We're going to give the Top 5 StreetTeam earners from August 25th - September 7th, DOUBLE the points they earned! Only the points earned within those dates count, and only points earned from referring a sale will count! So, are you in? Here's how you participate:

  1. Send anyone you think would love Threadless as much as you do the following link: ( you can also get your URL here: )
  2. Be sure to replace "USERNAME" in that URL with your own Threadless username
  3. For every one of your friends that ends up making a purchase, you get 2 StreetTeam points ($3.00 value)

While only the top 5 earners receive DOUBLE POINTS ($6.00 credit for each sale referred), everyone gets to keep their points. Remember, each regular StreetTeam point is worth $1.50, so even if you don't double your points, you're still collecting StreetTeam points good towards FREE TEES!

Go get 'em, tigers!

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go go go!


Does this mean the sale lives on another week?? Yahoo!

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haha, pretty cool, sucks I never get STPs though
I wonder who will winnnn2@@!1


I don't get it :(

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STPs are like store credit, each worth $1.50. When you check out, you can say someone referred you to the purchase, and they receive 2 STPs
If you submit a photo of you wearing a tee you bought, you get an STP. If the photo is exceptionally good and is used as a product photo, you get like 7 STPs or something.
So starting August 25th, the top 5 STP getters will get double. So say you somehow manage to get $60 in STPs over the next week or whatever...they'll double that!

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"only points earned from referring a sale will count!"

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lol this is why reading is important.


I understand STPS, but I read the whole thing too fast to comprehend what it was. I thought it was a fun giveaway challenge thing. I sadly discovered, it was not :(

But thanks for the clarification Jellyes!


oooh! that's awesome!

and an advanced congratulations to those guys with the coupon sites that link back to threadless...

Shirts on Sale

Seriously. If you check out the top ten earners (right hand side), you'll see that four out of the five run some sort of website geared toward either coupons in general or Threadless coupons solely:

1. Captain Obvious:
2. Rufous:
3. RetailMeNot:
4. Slackertypes: (congrats on getting so many points without having a coupon site)
5. Crynos:

We're not necessarily in the best position to complain about this (being a t-shirt sales/coupon portal ourselves), but there's no way any of the rest of us can compete with the "big guys." Why not just double their points for the term of the contest and find another way to entice the rest of us?


I was wondering how the top earners could get so many points...
I thought they had many many rich friends with a T-shirt obsession..
As always, real live is just so boring... coupon sites... pfffft!

Shirts on Sale

Tell you what. If we somehow make it into the top five, we pledge to give away 75% of our points as $25 gift certificates. I don't know exactly how we would decide who gets them...but that's part of the fun, right?

FYI: We saw Troundup try to do something like this with the DBH friend-a-thon contest and that didn't seem to work out so well...


sounds good but Mr Shirts on Sale is right.


Yea, no way any person can get into that top 5. But all Threadless wants to do is get rid of inventory, so if those big coupon sites really push shirts for the upcoming week, then Threadless will be happy. Us individuals have no shot

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Yeah, I was thinking there was no point in trying given that the top earners have established websites.

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it's just points earned from the 25th until september 7th. i don't think you have to start with the base amount of points as the top 5 earners of all time, so i think anyone has a shot..

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But having an established website is the key... that's why people assume those accounts will still win.


As one of those dastardly four, I'd like to take myself out of the running for the prize, and let someone else win who has to work a bit for it. I imagine the others wouldn't mind that either.

Shirts on Sale

Very generous Rufous. No one accused you of being dastardly, just market-savvy and heavily favored.


@Shirts on Sale.
That contest was pretty fail, although I did still manage to pull out fifth.

PS. Even though I'm ranked 5th on the overall list, my coupon site has dropped a good bit in rankings. I think most of my stuff just comes from my blog now.

Shirts on Sale

Wow. Fifth? That's pretty amazing.

No surprise about your Threadless coupon site...those general coupon sites take up ALL the top rankings (except for the out of date coupon code blog hosted on Threadless).

So, are you saving up all your points so that at some point you can buy every Threadless shirt released into perpetuity? :)


Hah, I have way too many shirts as it is. I've sold/given away most of them. My newest goal is updating all my threadless shirts to the new custom tee, rather than FOTL as they get reprinted. It may take awhile, but it'll be worth it :)


dang this sucks,

not too many of my friends are bid internet shoppers



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i get the horrible feeling this is all a scam to attract new business to threadless. i'm on to you marketing geniuses.


If we use up street team points gained during the competition before the competition ends, do they still go towards our final count? i presume threadless knows we still got them during this time? what if i want to use my points to make an order during the sale?


any at all? did anyone win?


What ever happened with this? Were the winners ever announced?


hoists Crynos up on shoulders and parades around room

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We even got you an ice cream cake!

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