Super Flying Pig!

  • by ederntal
  • posted Aug 27, 2008

2 colors vectorial drawing.

Go go pig go!

Watch this

2 colors vectorial drawing.
Go go pig go!

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

what on earth is happening with his ankles and wrists!


He doesn't need them, he can fly;-)


but theres butcher lines too.... did you just 'steal' the clipart and draw a cape?! omgz


For a visual identity project, I searched (a lot) on engravings in old and dusty book a the "national graphic art library" in paris... And this pig really make me laught ;-)


Prefer the placement on the close up

zipperking profile pic Alumni

I would've redrawn the pig

Link Design

I think I know why the ankles and wrists are broken.. because that is one of the 1st things they do before the butcher the poor things.... :( Only a girl from Ohio would know that ;)


At first, I laughed hard. I love how he's looking at you suspiciously, as if saying "I DARE you to say something about how silly I look."
But then, I don't like the broken ankles. And the cape looks like it could've been drawn on Paint.


You need to put more effort in if you want to do well here.


I love the pigs expression but it's not your work at all, no?
Taking an image from a book and adding a VERY quickly-made cape (it is a cape, is it? I can't tell from the lack of detail) doesn't get a high score from me.

But the idea is nice! And the old look.


Agree with those above. This is lazy and tasteless, sorry.


(Sorry for my english...)

I'm agree that the times the artist spent on his draw don't matter AT ALL !!!!
(There are a lot of naive drawings here, everyone have the capacity to do this in 2 minutes too... Some of them are very good however!)

I spend time in searching and learning about old engraving... it's work too!!!!
It's royalty free but I spend time to vectorized the pig, it's a part of a big engraving, the quality was not as good!! It's not a clip art: I spent time to make to make it like he is!!!!

You can see in my portfolio, I can realised illustrations and complex touch up photos by myself... But the idea and the "feeling" around the creation is more more important that the time the graphic designer spend on it!!!

You can like it or not, but it's a a false trial!


This is very cool. I know quite a few folks who would buy this as a tshirt


nice one. thank you for sharing it!

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