Many way to many to count

Watch this

Many way to many to count


I rated this a 3, for the idea. Execution could be much better, though. And I'm willing to bet something like this will never get printed.


Is that supposed to be central America? I don't understand the shape.


I don't know which America that is supposed to be. I think it is North and South America together but the gray mass at the top confuses me (is that supposed to be greenland?). Negative space is not working for you here.


What happened to New York? It get shot off?
Oh, and have you ever been to America? if so, how many actual guns did you actually see?

Last time I went, I saw 3, they are owned by my dad, and we went out and killed some paper targets, then locked them up again. No Harm, No Foul.


The huge grey shape is really throwing me off. It stops it looking like America.


Wow. They can hack it all they want but I love it. It reminds me of Anti-Flag. Which is a good thing. It's really good. The people putting bad comments are just afraid to open their eyes. I really Love it.

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