Herbert the Pervert.

This is Herbert, he is quite the pervert

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This is Herbert, he is quite the pervert

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damn and i thought merv was the perv. wouldn't wear it but it did make me chuckle just 'cause he's goofy. so well done i suppose.




is this an I Need Sleep reference? "I am a pervert just like Herbert, the guy who sells you shoes!"


The only thing positive i can say is that i like your color choices.

The guy looks like a weirdo, not a pervert. You are using text to force an idea on an image. I can't think of anything that could protray your idea in a favorable way.

I think the idea is the worst part about the design. I still respect your submissions and look forward to your future ones.


3rd design today of this charachter.... and its not even a good teeshirt. Seriously who do you think is going to wear this?

Have a ZERO on me!


herbert the pervert is the old man from family guy. not some tool bag that has a pink arm. at least change his name


I really have no desire to wear a shirt that has the word pervert on it....regardless of how funny it is or how well it is drawn.


It was really just somethin we've done as a personall fun

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