Some work for my Loves Drawing sub #1 !!

Here is some work for my loves drawing sub #1, titled (for now) "Welcome to the Jungle".

I did all the digital linework with my Wacom Bamboo, and while it is a small tablet, I think it really provides a lot of creative freedom not available with the pen tool in Illustrator.
All the hairs on my animals would have taken forever without my tablet!

I started out with the tiger, which I made a rough block sketch, and then drew in the hair.

Next stop was the falcon, you can see it here:

I also drew a panther, which I ended up not using, so this is just a quick line art drawing. (It looks so school mascoty hahaha):

And finally the lion.

Which when put together, gave me this:

For a while I substituted a cat for the falcon, which you can see in the corner, but I took it out before the final sub.

Watch this

No, I was about halfway through before they announced the comp!

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