Gimme my limb back!

  • by aled
  • posted Aug 18, 2008

In my mind, when Foam Monster clocked his missing hand across the crowd, he would let out a Wookie style groan. He's not really a monster in the traditional sense. He is not scary at all, and is the type of guy who would politely gesture for you to return his hand, rather than snatching it away.

So now you know - and when you see someone pointing a foam finger around, remember that there is a Foam Monster somewhere, who is being forced to drive automatic transmission.

This design did so much better than thought it would! I'm so pleased that so many people took a shine to it. Like everything in my life, it started out as a crappy doodle in my sketchbook (see above) and I thought I might as well mock up a basic version to demonstrate the concept in the critique section. Long story short = the people in the crit were most supportive and I submitted it and it got an insane amount of comments and a lot of hysteria and ended up with an insane score. So thank you to everyone who helped and supported it and gave it a good score! Will you look at those guys from Human Giant wearing it?! And in kids sizes too! YES!

Watch this

I'm thinking he'd sound more like Ash in Evil Dead 2 when his hand became possessed.

Give me ME BACK MY HAND!!!!!!!

Yeah, the design came out awesome.


I think he'd sound more like C-3PO.

But not really.

But maybe.

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I've never been more confident in a print

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chicken dinner!

congrats sir

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it was like watching a magic show

but not a lame one - a really great one with lots of action

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My husband just got your shirt today and it's even funnier in person, on a person. Congrats, sir!


I'm still waiting on mine to make it to Scotland


Yeah - I'm still waiting for mine too. Coulda saved $8 had I waited until today!! Still, it's the best design ever so is worth the full price.

I'm wondering if fatheed will create a "Foam Cowboy Monster in Emotional Reunion With Lost Hat"?

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This is such a cute shirt! I have always wondered where they got those foam hands from. Ugh, its like a rabbits foot...


Out of the 6 threadless shirts i own this is my fav, but no one seems to get it at first...i allways have to explain. But that how it is most threadless shirts.


yeah, sometimes i have to explain it or point to the foam monster and then to the hand.
they still don't get it sometimes.


im the girl with the knife in the product pictures =|
this is pretty much my favorite shirt.

good work!




This just got my vote for Design of the Year!

Monkey X
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I like the initial sketch Aled
even the OK's with hearts in it whuahaha

one of the best of 2008 fosho'


awww! hes sooo adorable! I hope theres a sequel where he gets it back! :P
love it! design of the year from me!

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best of luck with this aled. you know, i saw someone make a gumby reference, and I had the exact same thought. yours, in now way looks like the character, but there is a slight, funny resemblance haha:

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Haha - Someone mentioned it in the critique. There is a flat green resemblance, but we didn't have Gumby in the UK, so he's news to me! Thanks for the nice comments, guys.

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Aled mah-fucker you aint had gumby in the UK? That shit is crazy! You missed out son!

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i loved morph!!!

btw, did you watch the vid?


I definitely would have gotten this shirt, but I don't like the sand colour. If it gets reprinted on a different backdrop I'd buy it immediately. Still, love the design.


I'd like to have this printed on a hoodie.


I wore my shirt today for the first time. While I love the design, I wish the foam finger was a little more centered so people could see it better. It's kind of far off on the side. Otherwise, I love it. Very creative. Thanks!


This is my baseball shirt ;-)


I love this Design. By far the best t-shirt i have ever owned. I really cant wear it enough. Thank you.


I wish I wasn't broke! :'(


You might think that all the crowd might make the shirt a little too busy, but this is by far my favorite T-shirt. I get compliments all the time

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