CURSES....foiled again!

Ugggg well for the fourth time straight, my design has ended prematurely!'s enough to downright discourage a fellow :(
I think it's lamesauce, because now the goal isn't getting something printed (although that would be amazing!!) it's just trying to survive the week!!! I'll admit I'm not the greatest artist in the world, but when you work for weeks just to show people ONE idea, and it flops after a mere 24 hours...that's lame. Especially when much worse stuff at least gets the full week! ...oh, did I say that out loud :P

anywho I'm not one to quit, so yeahhh.... not sure where I'm going with this xD

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That's right never give up easily :) I had four subs dropped early this july. I think the best part is just have fun and keep learning. cheers!


thanks, yeah that's good advice! I'm not really on threadless for the money (as awesome as that is).I just think that it would be the most amazing thing like ever, to be walking down the street and see someone wearing something that I drew!!!!!! ....I was joking with my brother saying that he can have the fortune if he can get me the fame :P

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