Blind Democracy

  • by beesneak
  • posted Aug 12, 2008

Description to come, time to sleep!

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Description to come, time to sleep!

Man Oil

Birds represent democracy? Nice illustration though.


The bald eagle is a States-centric symbol of democracy and of patriotism in general, Man Oil... but here;s one of those cases where it doesn't seem insensitive. (People not from the States, feel free to tell me I'm full of it.) I love the symbolism and, and as always bee's style. $4


I like this - only thing I don't like is that you tossed off over your own work with the $5.

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

so what if he wrote $5 to fill up the space in his presentation? is it so hard to make up your own mind what you think this deserves?
(it deserves a $5!)



littleclyde profile pic Alumni

Beautiful flowing linework, as always! Love the color palette too, though the imagery makes me a little sad... Amazing though!


5 ! - the message is the media- print it!


Its the damn media that blinds democracy. NBC, CBS, CNN they're all liberal retards. Oh and Zero!

beesneak profile pic Alumni

Thanks for the comments all. This piece is not meant to be anti-american. I AM a proud American who is grateful to live in such a beautiful country that allows me to make designs like this:) I think if I made some negative illustration about the oppression of free thought in China or Cuba, I would be writing this post from prison. The idea behind this drawing is that we tend to think democracy is right for every country, even though it is my belief that we can not change and get involved with every country we feel is in need of our help.


one of the best


Very nice use of color. You have a distinctive style that makes a strong body of work. The little chicks are too distressed and sad for me – I guess I'm just an old softy.

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