My Eyes Hurt

  • by LcS337
  • posted Aug 11, 2008

Optical illusion that will make your eyes throb. It's been a fun piece to play with. Hope you like it.

Watch this

Optical illusion that will make your eyes throb. It's been a fun piece to play with. Hope you like it.


great idea but theres something missing maybe blend the image so it doesnt appear as a single rectangle ;)


If it weren't Gill Sans Ultra Bold I'd give you a little higher rating.

That typeface makes my brain hurt.


^same, I now need eyeball surgery

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also if my eyes aren't completely ruined me that appears to be Chanson Heavy SF, not Gill Sans Ultra.

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(I may or may not have been told that by a secret source)


Make an allover print tee out of this artwork$$$


I think you should put this on a white tee, then not box it in... like have the lines kind of extend and go wherever you want.

Obviously keep the text where it is though cause it's clever, then it's a $5

but currently 5 for the idea... 3 for the presentation... doesn't look good on black.


hurts my eyes too!


rickyaustin on Aug 19 '08
If it weren't Gill Sans Ultra Bold I'd give you a little higher rating.

wow. I'm beyond impressed. ...Anyhoo LCS, too painful, sry.

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So, now I'm gonna wear shirts that give people migraines and epilectic fits? I don't hate humans THAT much!


Yeah, don't box it in at the edges :) Nice one anyway!


Haha yeah I guess theres no conversation starter quite like a good seizure. Hope that's not the case but who knows.


well i like this because i like op art and riley!


I can't figure this maze out... (Yeah, right! Cool effect!)


Great idea! I would SO buy this and wear it! :)


Neat concept, but not executed well.


absolutely LOVE it! very cool idea!


Like the design for the most part. Get rid of the box.


I wonder if the illusion would be lost when on a human body, not a flat screen.


This Shirt REALLY Hurt My Eyes!


I like it though it did hurt my eyes!


This is great, but it's funny because right before I clicked "next shirt" I thought "why hasn't any one done an optical illusion shirt?"


like the idea but something needs to change... I think the single rectangle is a bad idea... maybe blend it out somehow by letting some lines extend perhaps all the way around the shirt (as long as they stay strait) 3*


halfass work + dupe accounts = 0


I actually got one account, fullass work, and no purple bunny out by my name, but thanks for your post.

Anyways, back to worth while posts, Yeah, I wish now I'd had some lines extending off of it. Oh well, Idk if you can mod it since its up for submission but it's a fun piece to ponder on.

Glad it's getting some looks, always cool to see reactions to your work, (even when some reactions come from purple rabbit loving guys)

Lauren x

Really cool concept. I'd totally buy it if it was printed on white and you extended some of the black lines out and blended them in with vintage/grungy edges perhaps. And i kind of have a thing about objects being centered, so maybe you could center the words? But otherwise very good job :)


LcS337 the design took you 10 minutes tops
you arent fooling anyone


Yes, PLEASE center the words. And have the lines extend across the whole shirt or something. Then I would totally get it.


Yeah I'm gonna have to do that, I'm liking the look of it, not all together either, but gonna have some strays. Can you make those kinda changes if it gets accepted?


i dont know why everyones complaing about LOOKING at the shirt. imagine the poor guy DESIGNING the shirt! lol

haha nice shirt, its funny. =]


I'd buy this, and I think the font is perfect in achieving the effect. However, I think on a white shirt would look better, and maybe extend lines out to look like veins in an eyeball.

Miss Fortunate

Cool illusion. Can the pattern be extended to all the borders of the shirt--the front anyway--instead of just being a rectangle? Then it'd be a cool shirt.

Tonic Cat

Center the words, box is too..boxy :P I like it though.


It took a second, but I can read this! I think it's very clever.


It would be perfect if you centered the words.

all hallows

- this is pretty sweet
- it's an original idea
- it's funny

- it would look much better if the words were centered :)

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