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This is my glow-in-the-dark tee shirt.

Fantasy meets survival of the fittest.

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Supersaurus Rex

This is my glow-in-the-dark tee shirt.

Fantasy meets survival of the fittest.


love the color and the idea, i just cant decide on the fairy.. overall greatwork anyone care to tell me how to make flash submissions such as this?

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

mr. maps, look up the name "manos" in the blog search section and he has a blog that talks about getting your own flash presentation program.

Regarding the design, the pink is REALLLLY bright on the chameleon, but i also enjoy greatly the glow in the dark elements here, moreso than the actual other elements. Maybe it would be a gooifier surprise to have no fairy on the regular piece, but have on in the place of the one now only in glow ink? Fun design.


i love this!!! 5


The only thing that didn't make this a 5 is the overwhelming amount of pink in it.


I love the pink, myself. I think "overwhelming" is a rather dramatic term! Then again, I love pink, so I may be prejudice! I love this design, though, $5 fo sho.


I enjoyed it at first, but then I saw the glow in the dark and freaking loved it! A must buy. Also, even though I don't like pink, it works very well here, not too overbearing.


oooh. night makes it a $5, but yes, please reconsider the nature of the pink...


Oh, I love this! The only thing I'd like to see would be a slightly larger print on the t-shirt!




I love this hungry chameleon! He's got trouble coming tho' swallowing magic beings... at the very least major indigestion! $5


I really like this shirt as it is, and I normally don't like pink. $5

Supersaurus Rex

I really like the fact that everyone is kinda so-so with the design, until they see the glow in the dark slide! That was what I was going for, and I'm glad you comment about it!

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

it's a nice design, but i'm not sure if glow ink can be used like that on top of other inks without it being obvious. it usually works best on light colored shirts.


wow! this is quite good. i don't usually like the glow-in-the-dark designs, but this one is clever. also, points for having a chameleon; very cool.



I WANT IT!!!!! damn why can"t threadless just print everything? I swear if this doesn't win I'll... well ok I won't do anything but cry.


Awesome, love the glow in the dark


this is a really cool idea! innocent looking Chameleon the outside, dangerous fairy killer on the inside! i love the glow in the dark idea it makes the shirt! i would definitely buy it


Its good, but in my opinion it isn't focused enough. Either the chameleon is too vacant or the fairy is a bit too far out. Other than that its really well done, though. I'd probably wear it.


I like that the chameleon is turning pink from eating so many fairies... just like flamingoes turn pink from eating so much shrimp!! love it love it $5


Cool. I would definitely buy this shirt. Loved the glow in the dark effect!


this tee is really good. I'd buy it.


What a great shirt! Nice surprise. This is a winner!


Very clever design. While I hesitate to say that I'd wear a shirt with faries on it, this just might be the shirt that would change my mind. $5




My daughter is upset over the fate of the fairies. Very funny. My daughter disagrees, vehemently.


bon alors les gars ce tee shirt je le porterais peut être car j'aurais envie de mettre un truc très moche, au graphisme flamboyant de ridicule. bisous mes cocos.
ps: ou bien pour carnaval


ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaa!!


Hahaha.. the glow-in-the-dark shot is hilarious. I want it!


nice fairies tee!!!... $5


well crafted and it jumps right at you


That is such a great use of the medium. I like it a lot!


I'm clapping!

Hope this will be available for Christmas.


those poor fairies! I LOVE THIS!


Cute. 4


hahaha...I totally would look for every opportunity to be in the dark with this t-shirt!!!

Supersaurus Rex

Wow! Thanks for all the comments folks! I hope I could get more votes somehow...


i was angry at the fairy and then you made what i wanted to happen happen. some of the best things happen in the dark. :O
ho hooo!


tone down the pink so it doesn't detract from this wonderful design. really clever! fix the pink and i'll buy it for sure!

Supersaurus Rex

OK OK! I'll tone down the pink! ... if threadless uses the design, that is!


^^ clever use of glowing

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