Operation Cat

Watch this

Black cats r the must amazing, beautyfull & chic animals..And the artwork is realy funny


love cats - that's why $4 )))


I like this, but I wonder if it might be better if the picture was larger on the shirt.


sweet illu, but...def. larger w/ bottom placement.


A bit larger and either where it is or at the bottom.


maybe larger & placed along the bottom? maybe going along the side.. I love the illustration though


bigger and the cats fur/paw is a bit weird looking otherwise nice idea

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this is great!


This is so much fun! I like it!


I like it. I wonder if it would work better at the bottom of the shirt, with the little men wrapping around from the back. Pretty good design though.


Great idea! The cat's front legs - something about them is a bit off. It looks a little like one big leg with a shoe on it. This is a well-intentioned critique, only because there's SO much potential for this to absolutely RULE. Very nice.


I agree, you need to see the 2 front legs. I'd like to see it in a different colour too. Maybe light blue or silver?


I love this! Great theme and illustration! I would buy it.

the posh tiger

too plain. i wanna see more colour! otherwise its a cool concept. like dodzilla attacking the city

whisper in water

JPDorigo on Aug 19 '08
I like it. I wonder if it would work better at the bottom of the shirt, with the little men wrapping around from the back. Pretty good design though.

I agree, that placement would work a lot better. Cute idea though!

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That tee color doesn't help the design at all!
Aand by silhouette-ing the things, it really takes the life away from them.
I think it could be improved if it was a more realistic looking battle scene, with fur and soldiers flying all over the place. You could twist it a few other ways by making them toy soldiers, or just by having a monster cat invading.

But I think this design needs a little work!


Really like this one!


The comments are good and I agree with some and disagree with some. (1) The color is intentional and it works but many don't seem to get it which indicates a problem: maybe you need more drab in your olive. (2) The paws are also right, because cats pounce with 2 paws ... but they also pounce with one, so maybe change that to appease the public. It looks like you may have too literally used a photograph, and sometimes changes are needed with pos/neg to effectively communicate. (3) The foreshortening definitely does NOT work--the head is way, way too big. (4) I love the silhouette and do not think a realistic scene would work or is necessary ... that said, the eyes don't work, because they're white and nothing else is white. clear? yellow? (5) The line of the cat in perspective should engage the line of the army men. The flat center for the army men does not work--should be more of a diagonal. (6) The placement should be changed, I agree. I'm giving this criticism because I want it to print. 5$ already for me.


I love it, but i hate the color... it would look alot better on a white t-shirt.


i'm completely in love with the drawing but the color could be better, i know it may sound stupid, but that kind of green doesn't look good on anyone! :P i'm watching this t-shirt because i want to buy it for my boyfriend, but please change the color, mabe dark grey, dark blue :)


i don't think it's that similar, sure there's an animal with soldiers around it, but it's a completely different atmosphere. this one's funny, the one with panda is not.

Yak Herder

it looks like the panda one, don't it?

Tonic Cat

Super cute, but I think there should be a couple more soldiers, and maybe make the design a little larger, still great though :)

Crack Monkey

Thanks very much for all your peoples comments - I aggree with alot of them, definately think the paws should have been seperate. The colour was intentional army/khaki - but didn't think it would cause that much fuss.
Gonna do another, this was fun.


will they print this??? i want to buy it! :)

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