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Why 6 is afraid of 7....

  • by L1berty
  • posted Aug 02, 2008

My interpretation of the classic joke "why is 6 afraid of 7.....because 7..8 (ate) 9!"

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Thanks =]

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My interpretation of the classic joke "why is 6 afraid of 7.....because 7..8 (ate) 9!"

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This is funny! I like it, but maybe refine the drawing style a bit...?


I was kinda going for more of a kidish rough around the edges look, but I can touch it up some :]
thanks for the feedback!

ivejustquitsmoking profile pic Alumni

just a head's up.. i read somewhere in the blogs they're tired of that joke.. keep sub'ing :)


they are?! ...i've never seen one on here
well that stinks lol


thanks...I'll get right on it!
sure np... if you critique me, i'll do the same =]


give 7 some arms and make him scarier. Have a bite out of 9.


well I'm not going to just give up on my design...even if 100 people did it before me. I'm not a quitter, sorry.


what about 2 little bite marks on 9's head? it's sorta suppose to be before 7 eats 9...kinda like the crime in progress xD


Fair enough if you want to try, since they've never actually printed a 789 joke, but unless you can make it even better than the best of those, I wouldn't bother.

You're going to need a really good take on the joke and much better execution.


I agree with squatterjohn on making this better than the best one so far, and THIS is the one to beat!


thanks for the feedback...I'll certainly do my best!
did that one get printed btw?


i love it! especially on the blue shirt. if anything, perhaps adding the bite marks/missing chunk of head lol.


alrighty....having some trouble with cs3 on my mac, but I should have another version up tomorrow at the latest =]

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

ahaha - good luck

my 789 sub FAILED - but then again, at the time i did not realize that the whole world wants to make that joke a shirt


I love the concept and joke, but just dislike the style.

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