Thank you, Label!

  • by lovesushi
  • posted Aug 01, 2008

I got my July shirt today after getting a 12 Club subscription for Christmas and I am stunned by the print! As a lover of all things piratey and maritime (I grew up by the coast in ye olde smuggler county of Cornwall, UK, so go figure) this shirt absolutely knocked my socks off!

Other than April's shirt, Ele e, My Extroadinary Pet, Label's Davy Jones is definitely my favourite shirt so far, and I can't wait to receive my final 5!

As a side-note, the Threadless team did an excellent job on April's choice. Though Jemae's design is rockin', I hated the original colour scheme. The choice of a gold background really makes the design pop; I'de wear the shirt more, but my girlfriend is always stealing it ;)

Watch this

Woah, I wrote "I'd" with an 'e' on it...


the shirt in the picture isn't the one you're talking about, is it?

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