Da Bomb Pussy

  • by jojomanzo
  • posted Jul 31, 2008

Curious if you think it would work better without the words, or if I keep them?

Watch this

Expect lots of comments about boob placement if you submit this.


Maybe stacked instead? It would take up a better proportion of the shirt and still have a good centering.


Ok guys, please take a look at all the versions, so I can get some more placement feedback. Thanks.


I hate to rain on your parade, but there's already an idea like this printed, but better.


The banner didn't show in that last comment. just search for
"Adorable Disaster"


"Adorable Disaster" was a great shirt (I bought one) and this would need much more work to top that for me. And also, I assumed from the title that you were going for inuendo, and that's usually not my taste.


Yes, this isn't based on blowing up a kitten, like Adorable Disaster. This is a Rebus for the saying "Bomb Pussy." Innuendo, like Skiot said.

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