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  • by MobChaos
  • posted Jul 29, 2008

Let's just say don't watch the commercials during the show "COPS".... That's how this one came about.

Remember Kids brush your teeth...

Watch this

Let's just say don't watch the commercials during the show "COPS".... That's how this one came about.

Remember Kids brush your teeth...

Evan_Luza profile pic Alumni

Really like the idea. only thing I have to say is maybe implement a toothepaste bottle where his gun us, or make the other guys pocket have like a candy cane or something sticking out. I do like the tattoo. Looks nice


Yeah, it seems pretty hard to get any sort of comment, at least for me, in critiques or otherwise...

This could be funny, I just think it could be better executed. The characters seem a little disproportional. The "CANDY" tattoo on the one guy kinda bothers me in that it doesn't follow his arm accurately, and the hand of the toothbrush cop (his right hand) seems to be an odd size.

All that said, I realize this is a rough. Keep making changes, see where this goes. Nice work.


awesome ans thank u for the crit.


sorry i don't have anything else to add ...but i agree with all of the previous comments.


I would work on the colors, a little less intense and cliche.
Maybe a little chaotic, perhaps simplify it, make it easier for the eye to handle.


I agree with the above post and I also think it could be a little smaller on the shirt! Thanks for your comment.


hahai like this. but may be if youmade itmore subtle. the colors are a bit too bright for me. but making is subtle. and colors not as bright and not as pop art ish would help a lot.


I did a couple color changes...


And changed a couple things.


Lol it's funny.. and weird.


funny and absurd

i liked the previous colors..
more colors IMHO


Very funny. Maybe adding candy in the cavity's pocket may add to your idea of the cavity commiting a crime. I really think the colors pop on the t-shirt colors.

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

those shadows are so wrong.

when something casts a shadow on a brown ground the shadow is NOT GREY. it is DARK BROWN and so on.

take a look at your own shadow.


I like it best on the white background.

Maybe work on the shadow a bit: it looks like his hands should be up against a wall or something, in which case the shadow would be touching his hands at the point of contact - I hope that makes sense.

Pls crit mine too:


love the idea, love the cop, the other guy is unclear to me - a chef? a kid? the tooth looks like a hat, not a head.

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