Love Birds

  • by teengirl
  • posted Jul 29, 2008

Trying something new. Whatcha think?

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Trying something new. Whatcha think?

jmeaspls profile pic Alumni

Most definitely a great start. Lovin' the style and soft colors.
I think if you added something else to the design, to fill up the rest of the space, could really add to it. Maybe the rest of the tree? Maybe a sky? Some lazy clouds?
If more is added, this is definitely a 5 tee.

little miss shortie.

more showing more brances would definetly fill it out nicely


Awesome, it's really pretty..

Please critique my design "Cavity Search" if you have a chance


I like it, it would be nice to see a closer view of your design though!


maybe continue the tree on the back?


Ooooh, yes, the branch continuing on the other side, with maybe a little nest. I'd also like to see a little shading on the branch.

Beautiful start! I'd buy this if more is added.


This is very pretty. I love the shading and the blush on the chests.

I think truemidge's suggestion of extending the branch and adding a nest is great.

Also, I love the colors, both of the design and of the shirt.

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