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Make Dandelions Not War

  • by emdash
  • posted Jul 29, 2008

The parachuters seem to morph into dandelion seeds or do the dandelion seeds morph into parachuting men?

Watch this

The parachuters seem to morph into dandelion seeds or do the dandelion seeds morph into parachuting men?


ill go out and make some dandelions

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Yeah, before i read your description, i was wondering which way these manipulated pictures went, but it could be both intentionally! Despite my ban on airplanes in subs dropping anything but people killing bombs, I really enjoy the clarity and cleverness of this one.


I like this a lot!!!


do you have any idea what a pain in the ass dandelions in your yard are?

all i need is some jerk with an airplane dropping them from the sky....


i like it!


oooh, i like this. I wish you would move the image up more on the shirt but in general, this is really cool.


No, don't make dandelions either! Shakes fist


Very clever


I like it more for the art


Great image! It's a lot like Let's Go Parasoling though : /


Good, simple message. I like it.


yea it does look a lot like let's go parasaling I was going to say that, but I like this one more.


I like the idea of how instead of man parachuting dandelions are the parachute. This war we are in has no reason like any other war. The difference about this war and ww1 and 2 is that we had to fight the Nazis so that we can still all have are rights so are gen wouldn't have to live that life and this war is just destorying everything we stand for. Other countries look down at us more than ever when we are really a great country. Its just are gov. thinks we need to be in this war to secure our freedom and others when we are only making things worst. Peace is alot to ask for and hard to achieve but we should still try and believe that someday we can.


i like it... reminds me of MC Escher. :) (did i spell his name right?)


haha I think you put people off with your title. I still give it a $$4

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