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Things that are not quite as sad as your Granny dying

Dropping your ice-cream, not being able to reach something and your fish dying are all terribly sad, but not as sad as your Granny dying. I think you will agree.

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Dropping your ice-cream, not being able to reach something and your fish dying are all terribly sad, but not as sad as your Granny dying. I think you will agree.

againstbound profile pic Alumni

Love the character, I just don't think the layout works for a tee design.


yes, i love the character too! but i agree that the three scenes together aren't working for me... but i love them all separately!! or maybe differently somehow. i know that's not much help. but i love the style.

walmazan profile pic Alumni

agree with againstbound!, but the character are awesome, great style


I was just thinking they would most def work as seperate designs. Very cool character!


awww. So sad!
I love it!


now make one about it's granny dying.
and if it gets printed send one to your grandmother?

just kidding. that was insensitive.

this could use better composition. really like the character.


amazing artwork!! well done!


awesome character. lose the text, very hard to read


im thinking. you could make three different shirts, one with each character on it. cuz those things are sad all by themselves! and you could put the character center front, and the text on the back.. I think it would make a bunch of cute shirts.. no?


It is also sad when a balloon floats away by accident. Just had to mention that one.


That's really awesome! And utterly depressing at the same time.

$5 for the awesomeness!


Awesome character!

miko e

really nice! i can relate to this poor elephant, can i suggest more colours and modify the layout, the illustration is beautiful .


Seperate designs would win, would love to own one, or all three :)


is it an ant eater?


this would be a FANTASTIC print. maybe not so much a tee.

nielquisaba profile pic Alumni

wow! love the illustration!


I love it, it reminds me of those longer birthday cards where there's a little illustration and it says "You're great because you pick me up when I'm down," and then another that says "You're the bee's knees because you really know how to party," and all that sort of crap. Great redefinition of something canned. Even without that it's a visual win. $5

B 7
B 7 profile pic Alumni

Yeah i agree, just pick one for each shirt, and it's a winner. really nice inking style.I feel really sad now though. Poor little elephant/big nosed guy.


One for each shirt and no text, please. Great style.


it's very cute, but why not spread it out over 3 t-shirts, or one on the front, one on the back, one on the front inside, one on the back inside
then people can just turn it inside out and wham-bham -
they'll have 2 t-shirts instead of one!
but seriously, its lovely!


My vote's the same, 3 different shirts. But PLEASE keep the text!


I hate to harp- but I'm with everybody else. He's my new favorite little guy, but the composition would be much more agreeable with only one of him.

Monster Mind

very unique style, good

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