No sizes for adults?!?!?

  • by lrhale
  • posted Jul 28, 2008

But, I really want this shirt...

I'm sad...

Watch this
olie! profile pic Alumni

adults not capable of handling a overloaded boatload of cuteness in animal form? What's up?


How strange.


whaaaaaat the heck? :(

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

Oh wow too bad...

Vaden III

im confused... no announcement, no adult sizes. enigmatic to say the least.

it makes me wonder what else is out there undetected in the threadleuniverse. what is reality?



I missed this shirt entirely.

Just bought two for my girls and one for a co-worker's newborn. Wonder why it couldn't be printed in at least a few adult sizes; it's really cute!

currently in despair

Can't believe I almost didn't see this too.. (thanks Stock Chart)
Never thought I'd wish to be 1-7yrs old again ((.__.)

gumbolimbo profile pic Alumni

hmmm. just how big is the biggest kiddie size? Probabl too small, I´m afraid....



I saw this in my RSS and now I want in adult. GIVE IT TO ME!!!


That is pure discrimination.

I can't believe that Threadless would be such age-ists.


Wait, $20 for a kids tee?

zipperking profile pic Alumni

i is so confused....when did it come out???


Someone found a threadless mistake i bet, maybe even one of next weeks shirts

Papaprime profile pic Alumni

just printed this week, it's on the top of the page above this weeks animals with eyepatches.

It has it's own big box encompassing the size of 2 regular sized preview windows, so something tells me it's exclusivity is special.

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

it is the first REAL child of threadless kids

way to go tlesskids!

wotto profile pic Alumni

its cool that they are doing tees just for kids but I cannot see why they didnt put it up on the main threadless site. (surely that would sell more?)

zipperking profile pic Alumni

dangit! now I really need to go find that fountain of youth.


could we expect a staff memeber to enter this blog as solve are problem.

Oh Shimala

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

you have to do the shimala dance in order for shimala to appear.

and you have to grow a beard for charlie to appear.

and you have to shy away from the public eye for jake to appear.


ARG i wanted this printed so badly... in ADULT SIZES!!

mathiolesparulz profile pic Alumni

we had the same discussion when we knew =///


I think I'll get an extra one and just sew it on a blank t-shirt. I may look stupid, but I'll have a killer design while looking stupid.


it's a shame, at least if it was done in bigger kids sizes it would cover most of the ladies sizes!


Boo. Hiss. Want adult sizes!


I thought I was the only one who noticed this. I didn't want to make a blog about it though, because I thought everyone would be like "its a kiddy design, duhhhhhhhhhhhh." And I would be like "stop being so '90s."

Mz and Me

OH man.. I totally missed this and instead bought 'Cookie Loves Milk' on Monday for my kid.. sigh..


now i have to buy like 5 of it and sew all them =/

walmazan profile pic Alumni

thanks good Im pettite


this is me 39thing an adult size printttt. i want

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Whoa, i am too too late to this pity party, so strange I had no clue this even happened until checking out the stock chart! Boo to kids getting everything cool exclusively for them...they are taking over the world peoples at an earlier and earlier age!


That is adorable! I want one, a lot. :(


I want one ... its so cute must have in adult size!!!!


hopefully now that the shirt has so much presence as a threadcakes winner, maybe the interest in the design will spark more people to want an adult size.

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