So many cats with lasers...

  • by Caseroo
  • posted Jul 22, 2008
Watch this
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actually - REDUNDANT BLOGS are taking over the world


lol @ Izzah

Serial, though...

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when will these blogs end?

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They'll end when someone prints a dog with lazers. .


I own BOTH!


ehh i don't care
i like this one a lot better


moses says "look over here, this is how big my wang is"


Caseroo, are people like you so self absorbed you can't take the time to see if someone else could have POSSIBLY posted about the same subject??

Oh and, IDIOT.


It's not so much that I have a problem with people pointing out the similarity.

It's not even so much that I have a problem with people claiming this one is a rip-off of the other one without bothering to check the facts of which one was submitted first rather than printed.

It's that you all come in here and say "It's been done before" and you don't even bother to check whether or not this blog's "been done before."

And it's so simple. Instead of clicking "Post about this in your own blog" just move your mouse a millimetre up and click "Check out all blogs about this design" first.

Why expect Threadless to adhere to the same standard that you fail to yourself?


The funny thing is the Threadless version wasn't even the first.

It's a meme that's been around for ages, but all these bloggers think DBH ripped it off when it's practically a public domain concept.

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