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Oh, Canada! ...somethin something something

WOW! yah I was in Canada and what was amazing was that i did not have canadian bacon and i didnt see a moose or a beaver! all i saw was canadian geese....

Watch this
That Guy You Know

lucky! i have regular beige-ish brown squirrels


Come to inland BC and you will be blown away by the numbers of Canadian geese.


Steve, that's racist.

That Guy You Know

the canadian accent is awesome!

all i have is a boring american one


Where in Canada were you?
It's pretty amazing, if I may say so myself.

As for the anthem, not so much..


To be honest, I don't even know the American anthem. Just vaguely I mean.

Canada has amazing music. Plus the metric system makes so much more sense. And is easy to remember because everything has to do with 100.


Canada is sweet.
did you meet any of our rednecks?
We call them newfies.
They're pretty awesome
and they fish.


personally, i think american beer is worthy of a post by itself.


but canadian beer is great cause we can buy beer, in canada, at 19.
You'd think we'd have more homeless drunks, really.


ummm..... don't call it Canadian bacon in Canada..them Tea sippin' queen lovers can get touchy about it.

They apparently call it back bacon.


or just bacon.


18 in Alberta and Quebec and possibly a few others.


actually, in some provnices it's 18.
you know, so that when you become a legal adult you can legally do adult stuff....logical, really.
if i can drive at 16, therefore entrusting lives into my hands, i think i should be able to kick back with a cold one.


yea. thats why montreal rocks.


I learned how to drive at 14 (Alberta).


oh man, i drove a car at 13.
i was so scared.
People have no respect for road rules in toronto...
the 401 is a deathtrap.


I live on a farm growing up .... I learned to drive a truck and a tractor at age 12.... oh yeah and a bulldozer... driving the Bulldozer was the best thing ever.


i was actually in a car that was run into by a bulldozer.




I should hope not.
that would be entirely too coincidental
plus i would have your confession.


driving the Bulldozer was the best thing ever

The City of Detroit spends tens of millions of dollars knocking down derelict buildings. They should just rent out a big pile of earthmoving equipment to people who want to have a little bit o' fun.....and save a bucketload of cash in the process.

The insurance implications would be a royal bastard, though.

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shakethesheets on Jul 22 '08 at 12:34am
I always sing the Canadian national anthem at hockey games but then I worry people will think I'm a Habs/Leafs/Sens/Nucks fan.

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