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  • by speedyjvw
  • posted Jul 21, 2008

so i tend to design in a very weird way. i think of one subject matter i like in the most simple way possible and see where it takes me

i like space, i like stars. id be sweet if i did a shirt that was all stars so its like youre wearing a galaxy on your body (woah deep man)

so i did that, and even though i would wear it, its boring and i wasnt satsified still

i had been watching a lot of Tim and Eric Awesome Show: Great Job! so my brain was going to some weird places. the design as a whole was super weird at one point, but i ended up just going with the simple cat + lasers = awesome. no drugs were involved in the making of this shirt

so thats it, thanks for everyone that voted, and all you haters out there that keep me going everyday ( Stef McMezo)


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ir0cko profile pic Alumni

mew mew!



this shirt is awesome.

sonmi profile pic Alumni

peace zza

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

proof positive that Joe kicks ass

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

I love that that peacezza could bring hatred to each other because of unequal portions.

Great shirt!

BaronVonMonkey profile pic Alumni


to have this shirt

speedyjvw profile pic Alumni


also dont tell anyone but i got a special 1 of 1 copy of a shirt with just the starts. love it



valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

illdthedj, let's look at the facts...

DBH girl's laser cat sub went up on DBH between February and May (couldn't be more than 5 months old).Mister Mittens finished scoring 144 days ago which means it was subbed at least 151 days ago which makes it over 5 months old.

Mister Mittens obviously takes a lot longer to print, hence why it took nearly half a year to finally show up on the product page.

Joe pesters some of us on aim so I'm sure there's at least a few of us who watched Joe work through the entire process of creating the design.

And finally, let's look at that girl's other stuff. Nothing like her laser cat sub. Chances are, she's ripping Joe off.

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

DBH can kiss mr mitten's hiney


whoa.... please please please make this a hoodie!


i love this. Yes i agree, this hoodie would be fantastic!


Please please please print this in kid's sizes! My 2-year-old needs a laser cat!

ladykat profile pic Alumni

Congrats, Joe!! This is totally fun!

And yeah, the designer comment for the DBH one is dated April 08. FTR.


Laser cat shirt/robe for kids in 2 steps
1. get shirt
2. bind around waist with twine/ rope/ reeds/ extension cord

If it's still too big, you can make it into a onsie with scissors and a stapler.


Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

Congrats Joe. It's a cool shirt. Now use some of the 2k prize to get a hair cut...


can definitely see the tim and eric influence.
think i need to have this one...


i was so happy when i saw this on the product page

Andreas Mohacsy
Andreas Mohacsy profile pic Alumni

i agreed with mezo's comments... and i'm not cool enough to be totally obsessed with kittens with laser eyes but...

i don't mind the shirt at all:)

from memory this was certainly older or at least as old as the DBH print... if anything it seems more inspired by the DBH shirt with grandmas and kittens and shit mixed with Ron Lewis LSD and shit...

and shit

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

just bought mine :)


Thank you for ordering from Threadless!

Item Description Price Quantity Total
Mister Mittens' Big Adventure


valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

This shirt is a rip off because it has a cat in it and I'm pretty sure I've seen other shirts with cats. Now I'm gonna go blog about it.


totally a rip off. how dare you. for your crimes, you owe me a beer and a double cheeseburger.


This reminds me of Cute With Chris!

olie! profile pic Alumni

It wasn't my cup of tea when I first saw it, but it looks really good on the shirt and it has grown on me quite a lot. Crazy good job, congrats speedyjoe!

Steve The Great

it's good, but I wish the cat was an X-Men.


it is positively magnificent!
it reminds me so very much of my alter-ego.



the perfect tee to partner this bad boy would be kenataur

cmon kenataur!


i thought of tim and eric the moment i lay eyes on this shirt. i promptly purchased two. one for me, one for my significant other who loves tim and eric more than i do.

also, have you seen laser cats with andy samberg and the other guy on snl/hot rod? this reminded me of those skits. ace job!


deathberry, that's what popped into my head too! Mad SNL love.

This design is neato, I wish I had the $$$ for it right now.

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni




Hmmm... So I take it you have heard of Cute with Chris AND

Chris draws lasers coming out of cat eyes everyday.

The motto for Stuff on my Cat is "Stuff + Cat= Awesome."

Frankly, I'm not impressed.


Yeah, michael that was pointed out by illdthedj in this blog like ten hours ago and has already been dealt with in the following comments. Not to mention in other blogs. And Joe pretty much outlined his process in the first post and spoke of his actual influences. Seriously, can you read?


This is not a completely original idea, but who cares? Is there such a thing as an original idea any more? I saw giant kittens with laser eyes years ago on TV (I think it was an ident for a channel in the UK?)
The thing that matters here is that the execution is excellent, it blows big fat kitty laser holes through the DBH design anyway.
I had almost given up on threadless because I feared it was getting all samey- there's obviously a majority on here who share tastes and therefore stifle variety to some extent, but this design is the most interesting thing i've seen on here in months

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

Priscilla should always post The Facts for every blog about Mr. Mittens'...


roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

And michaeleconomyt should delete his acount coz threadless is full of contrived bullshit

Monkey X
Monkey X profile pic Alumni

the SNL skit had cats with lasers from their mouths btw

skeet skeet


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