Au revoir

So if you don't know already, I'm leaving for Marine Corps boot camp soon. I'm not sure how much free time I'm going to have before I go, and I didn't wan't to disapear without saying goodbye to all you wonderful people. Wish me luck. Goodbye.

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semper fideles

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Good luck dude. It's gonna be fucking tough at times, but hang on in there. I'm sure there's plenty of good times ahead!



Say hi to my cousin when you make it through boot camp. Good luck and Semper Fi.

Mr Anonymous

well, this is it. my last post before they take me to 13 weeks of hell. i'm so excited. this is going to be the toughest thing i'll probably ever have to do. i'm going to miss you guys immensly. you've all been great. i'll see you again when i'm a Marine. so long.

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that's awesome. sure will be a will-building experience... i think?

good luck!

the czar

Good luck, bro, and thanks.

I still have my Uncle's Captain's bars from when I was a kid, many Marines in my family, 3 generations worth.


Drop your socks and grab your cocks you maggot! You are going to have so much fun at boot camp!!! I was in boot camp back in 90' and it was fucking awesome! You will love revelille, the pits and your Drill Sgts are your bestest buddies!

Stay squared away and keep your skivvies from looking like a scuz rag cuz it's gonna be hot as a mother fucker where your going!! Oh, and stay away from the pogey bait and try not to be a sick bay commando maggot!!!

Watch out for Jody, he'll be bangin' Mary Jane Rotten Crotch through her purdy pink panties when youre gone!

Semper Fi

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I hate the term Semper Fi but i wish nothing but the best for you and your military career or whatever you can take out of this life experience and use to your advantage later on.

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