I need help finding a movie...

I've not been around much lately, so howdy. I'm trying to find a movie for a good friend who saw it once years ago and has been unable to locate it since. I'm calling on the collective minds of the blogs in an attempt to finally discover this mystery movie.

The details, as I know them:

  1. Black and white, likely late 40s or early 50s.

  2. Takes place on (or at the least filmed on) the French Riviera.

  3. The language was either French or English. I can't ask my friend which it was again because I'm trying to surprise him when I eventually find it.

  4. The story revolves around a husband who is unable to make love to his wife, and the wife then having an affair in an attempt to get pregnant, which she believes would make her husband happy.

  5. There is a deposed king character who gives us the following line, in paraphrase/misquote:

"He is a king among men as much as I am a fool among kings."

It is not the 1930s flick known as Remous (aka Whirlpools, aka Eddies), despite the similarities.

I know this a long shot but I'm pretty much running out of ideas and places to locate this film. He's positive he's seen this but I've not been able to find hide nor hair of this flick in months.

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