Take Me To Your Leader

  • by msabas
  • posted Jul 16, 2008

Take Me To Your Leader: This is a two color print on a cream color shirt. Vintage look and feel to it.

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Take Me To Your Leader: This is a two color print on a cream color shirt. Vintage look and feel to it.


Very nice, my son would love this as a shirt.


I would prefer it without the text, but very nice.


Hey if we get more people that would like it with out the text please post and let us know.

Also Im glad too see everyone that posted is liking it this is a good sign.


Love the title, but the shirt would look better without the text.


I would like it without the text and maybe with shorter legs


Hey thanks for all the feedback so far, and everyoen else keep voting and posting your comments.


Sweet so far looking good,

Also I'd like to add that if this wins I am surely to buy 5 tee's guaranteed.

Arrow08 profile pic Alumni

awesome! More robots!


Hey what a great looking shirt. I am definitely voting this $5 and I hope it prints.


I love this shirt. Robots are a weakness for me. The only thing I would change is the orientation of the design. I think it might look better if it weren't tilted. Still, 5 for sure.


Thanks to all so far, and thanks for that last suggestion rob. The shirt can definately be printed without being tilted.

Drina Im also hoping it prints and thanks for your vote.

Arrow, thanks , i love the bots too.

Impressive Designs, what up partner, thanks for voting.


Yes! Ou so nice!


awesome stuff


cool but the robot it's too big!


1 more day and we are at 900+ votes. I thank everyone who voted and I hope that the results are positive in the end.

So thanks everyoen who voted and keep your eyes peeled for my next submission.

Thanks again all.


It looks great! I would like it better without the text, and maybe if the background stripes filled the whole shirt.


I would def wear this without the text, and def would not wear it with the text. That goes for almost every shirt out there! Text is tacky unless you NEED it


Once again thanks to all who gave feedback and voted. So let's hope this shirt prints and if it pritns definately will print with out the text.


No more robots, please.

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