Damn Nihilists!

Simple and plan.

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Supersaurus Rex

Man, I like this idea a lot. Is there perhaps a way to have the entire bill showed, or maybe more plays on words with more dollar bills? (like 20's 5's etc)


There's some artist that folds dollar bills a certain way so that it says different things like this. I couldn't find a link for it though.


forgive, the TYPO, "simple and plain".
thanks Supersaurus, I think I can try to find some other "payoff" from more dollar bills. :D

Griggity, I think I've seen something similar but it was about folding around the head of the president making a kind of cap, didn't see anything with writings, but I guess I'm not the only one that thought something like this on the planet. ;)


Very cool !

cristian m

very cool!!!
dig it


Thanxs! at least it took ONE day to retrace each line from a ONE dollar banknote.


the effort paid off, looks really good and authentic


definitely my motto


Brilliant idea! Bravo!!!


Grazie d.zign!
Thanks! LBB
glad it's having some audience. :)

plug d

good idea, the tex grabs your eye

quister profile pic Alumni

Whoa! Great detail, no taking the easy way out here, a lot of hard work and it shows. Really good concept, excellent rendering. $5


thanks everybody!
glad you noticed the work on vectors, quister.

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