Stupid People Know How to Party

  • by phuel
  • posted Jul 13, 2008

It's been said before in different ways, but I like the theme. Ignorance is bliss.

Watch this

It's been said before in different ways, but I like the theme. Ignorance is bliss.


Hee! Not sure if it is Threadless stuff, but pretty cute. Might do better without the text...


Yeah, thanks. I had doubts after submitting (there's no way to withdraw?). The reference is pretty obscure (I found out later...) and some of my friends "just don't get it". My hope aren't too high, this idea is a little half-baked. I'll have to come up with something better for my next one.

juju eyeball

dont be too hard on yourself. its a good concept. i agree, less text. btw, i really like that polar bear design you did.


i like it quite a bit. it could be simplified. make the title "before i do anything...myself" and then the rest could potentially say in the banner below to "because stupid" it did give me a chuckle.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Is that your phrase or a random comedian's bit? It sounds like something a comedian would say. I can't say i agree with this comment, since smart people know how to have a good time too, but alas, im taking this too seriously. The amount of text is the point so i don't have a problem with that.


Yeah, the thought finishes "and then I do not do that thing", (from the TV Series, The Office (US Version) but I changed it for comedic effect. I thought it was a more common saying before I talked to some friends.

Yes, agreed, smart people can have a good time.


a bit too much text. it's really confusing at first. i mean i get the joke... but it's just a bit wordy ya know?

Mountain Gnome

I really like this design, all my favourite things to do/have: juggling, unicycling and I love sockmonkeys! The test is a bit much, but if the text is below the image, it would work better.

Great style, Keep it up!


wow, that's so me ^^


sounds like a quote from "the office"...
except tweaked...hmmm


nevermind... i just read that comment lol


he. I'm so glad someone picked up on the reference :-)


I don't think you need the last banner on the bottom, but I love the sock monkey


Forget the text, the toaster and saw need power cords!
They might add more movement to the design.


owned owned owned thats basically all i read.


not too crazy about the colors in the design and of the t-shirt.

maybe you're looking at 2 different shirts. one with the monkey and the other with just the text cuz honestly...they don't make much sense together.


Oh, he's juggling! I get it! I thought for a while that it was just objects scattered about, which I kinda liked more, for some reason.


actually laughing my ass off


great btw

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