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An electric eel might not mind mending your electricity bill!

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An electric eel might not mind mending your electricity bill!


i would elaborate on the bottom part of the bulb (the metal part). detail that a little more! the eel is so beautiful looking, but the bulb itself feels really forced. the bottom of that bulb would really bring this together (in my opinion).

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the metal part also seems really short in relation to the bulb


nice to see it here :) $5


This is such a neat idea, and wonderfully illustrated. Good job! I love it!


more eels on shirts!
nice idea, beautiful eel drawing. good luck

snow day.

Yup, just extend the metal part of the lightbulb a bit. really nice illo.


Thanks for the comments guys! Keep 'em coming. :)


i agree about adding detail to the bottom of the bulb... also, is the shape of the bulb the standard shape? i thought it looked a little funny, but if i'm the only one, nevermind... but i thought bulbs were skinnier around the filament...


This makes me think of the altoid commercial about using an eel to send messages with dots and dashes. I like this though, the only thing is the threads of the bulb does need to be taller. IRL its usually about 1-1.5" in length. The way you have it draw it would be more like .5" Overall though, it is very nice.


I love the concept.
If the glowy part was hand-drawn it would be better though.


cool concept but the art and coloring could use some work. I would prefer more lightbulb detail, a hand drawn glow, and cleaner lines on the eel. (not coloring in the lines has its place, but it looks sloppy here) 5 anyway for the idea




like that glow

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Great concept, needs a bit more work on the drawing. Terrific 1st sub. Looking forward to more from you. 4


Thanks for all the scores/comments guys!

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