Will My Shirt Shrink?

  • by jowahjun
  • posted Jul 11, 2008

Just got my first shirt from threadless in today. :D Yeaaaahhh! But the problem is its a little too big. haha. so i was wondering if it'll shrink a little bit in the wash.

Oh, and the What Do You Mean You Cant See Him Shirt is flawless!!

Watch this

yeah - mine come a little bit big too (just on the bigger side of what I consider to be a good fit), but then they shrink to the perfect size. that's my personal experience so far, anyways.


yeah, if you wash it in warm or hot and put it in the dryer, it will shrink


if you like the way they fit, i suggest washing in cold water and hanging them dry


Yes, it will shrink. If it gets too small, just hang it up and let it dry and it will get bigger.


no, but you will grow larger when you wear it in the sun.


It shrinks the first time, then stays about the same (as long as you don't wash / dry it really hot).


I got mine, washed it according to the directions, and they shrank so much the only person who could wear them would be a midget. So yeah, they'll shrink.


Yea, just do everything opposite that the washing instructions say. Turn that sucker on High Heat for about 30! LOL

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